Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


13. The Debit Card



Chapter 13; The Debit Card




2 months have past and me and Liam still can't keep away. In fact we regularly see each other for secret dates and other stuff. I know we can't go on forever sneaking around hiding behind Harry's back like teenagers. It's not fair, for anyone. The baby included. But at least for now it's working and were happy and Harry doesn't seem to suspect anything, for now, but part of me thinks its because he has his own problems. It almost annoys me how he's obviously lying to me. It annoys me up to the point were I just want to scream at him, but then I realise I'm doing worst.

"Morning" Harry says happily, it feels like the first time in ages that he has genuinely smiled.

"Morning why so happy?" I ask gingerly,

"Because todays the baby shower"

"Oh yeah" I had completely and utterly forgot.

"Is everything ready?" I ask

"Yeah except we could use some more balloons I've asked the boys to come and help me set up, and I can already see Louis and Niall getting excited because of the balloons and theres no doubt in my mind will have more balloons broken then we put up" Harry exclaims,

"Ok I can go pick those up if you want?" I offer

"Yeah if your sure, just don't do to much"

"Yes Daddy, I'm craving ice cream anyway so I might just have some on the way there" 

On the way in the shop I realise I only have mine and Harrys joint account debit card so I have to get 10 pounds out of the cash point. But as its an old account with about 30,000 pounds in it, I check the balance and were all wiped. Nothing. Every last penny. Gone. Straight away I ring the card company and they assure me it was Harry who took it out in person. With me. Apparently I was there. This takes me back a bit. Me? I was never there? This account hasn't been used since are engagement party. Luckily theres about 100 pounds in there so I get it out and grab the balloons, ice cream and head home were theres already a crowd waiting for me.

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