Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


15. The Answers



Chapter 15; The Answers




I look straight at Harry. But his eyes are fixed.His completely covered in sweat. The girls just standing there. I can help but notice how greasy her hair is, I've seen less grease in the local chip shop. She happily helps herself to a drink.

"Can everybody leave!" Harry screams at the top of his voice"NOW!" 

Everybody looks confused and intrigued. I can tell everyone wants to stay, just to see how it all pans out, but all the same they leave. Liam doesn't. I can tell how much this angers Harry but I  don't care. 

"Who are you" I say curiously, 

"What hasn't he told you?" she laughs " Well my names Tanya, but last wednesday I was Mrs Styles" it hits me she was the one who was with Harry when they withdrew the money. she laughs even more when she sees my expression "you really haven't got one tiny clue? Nice one Harry keeping secrets from your wife. You bad boy" she said it so sarcastically, whilst taking a sip of wine at the end of her sentence, that it wound Harry up even more. 

"She's no one you need to worry about, because she's leaving" Harry walks over to her,

"No she's not going till I know who she is" I quickly have my say, before she has a chance to reply,

"I'm his ex-girlfriend" she says in a cocky yet arrogant way,

"Well what you doing here then" I ask,

"She's not doing anything, apart from leaving" Harry grabs he by the wrists and drags out of the front door before chucking her out. She slams on the door but he just puts the chain on and heads to the kitchen. I follow. When were their Harry and Liam begin to tidy. Silently. I completely forgot Liam was there, shockingly he didn't say a word, it makes everything feel so awkward so i politely ask him to leave, and when he walks out into the hall way I follow. 

"Do you know her?" I ask

He hesitiates "Sort of" 

"I'll take that as a yes then. Whats so wrong with her?"

"We'll she's dodgy" 

"What do you mean" I say, feeling more confused then ever

"She takes drugs and tried to get Harry to thats kind of why they broke up, look I've kinda got to go I'll catch you tomorrow bye" He kisses me on the cheek not giving me enough time to argue. 

I go into the kitchen were Harry just looks at me. I feel now is as good as time as any to ask him about everything. That includes the blood on the T-Shirt. The only problem is I don't know were to start. Do I even say anything?. Or nothing at all? I don't really think... So I just blurt out everything, anything. 

"What was she really doing here?" I ask

"I..I don't know" he lies

"STOP!" I scream, maybe a bit to loud but I don't care one bit

"Stop what?" He lies, yet again.

"Stop lying to me!" 

"Well, she just wanted to borrow some money of me thats all, only a fiva" Harry tries to convince me, but it doesn't work.

"Well, then why didn't you give it to her? Its not as if were short of cash." 

"Because... because" I stop it in-between his sentence,

"Because she wanted 30,000 pounds?" I snap

Harry looks shocked stunned even.

"What... How did you?"

"Magically, 30,000 is missing from our account, so I rang up the bank for them to tell, me that me and my so called husband took it out" 

"Look I was going to tell you just not today..."

"Then why didn't you? Is it a bit more complicated? Is it because she's the girl who keeps ringing you?"

"Yeah. Look it was just a loan she was desperate. I just didn't want to tell you because it was going to be replaced, and with her being my ex it looked... how it looks now. And I didn't want you to worry what with you.." 

"Don't you dare try to blame this on the baby. So why did she ask you" 

Harry looks shifty and returns to the tidying up.

"HARRY!" I shout.

"BECAUSE I GOT HER KICKED OUT OF HER OLD PLACE!" He snaps. This makes me feel even more uncomftorbale. 

"You did what?!? How?" I say whilst pacing the room with one hand on my forehead, and the other on my side.

"Well its complicated..."

"Well it's not as if were busy, the baby showers ended if you haven't notched so you better start explaining" 

"I bumped into her a while back, about 5 months ago, it shocked me. She looked awful, even more bruised and scratched as she was now. I tried to ignore it. But I couldn't. She use to mean so much to me. I loved her. Not anymore of course. But I... didn't know what to do. Then I saw her with this man. He was much bigger then her and just kept on pushing her around. Forcing her into a car. So I followed. Just to check she was alright. Then he forced her into the flat. And all I could hear was kicking and screaming then..." He looked to the floor " Then I saw him hitting her. I tried to stop him, so I punched his nose, and loads of blood went everywhere. He kicked her out because of me. So I had to give her the money for a BMB but she now wants the money for a deposit on a flat." 

"That explains the blood" I say under my breath,

"What?" Harry asks

"Don't worry, look is this it, everything that you lied to me about" 

"Yes. Look I promise no more lies deal?" he asks

"Deal" I say leaning for a kiss. For second every things fine until I peer over to the box that holds the key to mine and Liam's secret flat.


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