Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


18. The Accident



Chapter 18: The Accident



3 weeks have gone by, and it's my due date! I'm so excited. If it weren't for Harry being fussy and on my case 247, I think I'd enjoy my self a lot more. He hasn't left my side which means I can't even text Liam. But I managed to convince him to go out shopping with me so I can get some cloths that aren't meant for pregnant people. But Harry keeps acting shifty every time his phone rings, which is very annoying. I kinda want to know what he's hiding. It hurts. Not the fact thats he's lying to me. As it could be nothing. But the fact that I don't care. I never thought I'd feel this way. When we first got together, I'd scream if he said thank you or open up a door for another women. But now that I don't even care that he might be sleeping with another women, maybe even planning a future together, doesn't even make me flinch. 

I just don't get how we've fallen so out of love. If it weren't for the baby, I bet we wouldn't even be together. And the baby might not even be his, but he doesn't know that. Maybe if I told him that it might not be his, he could leave me and we could go our separate ways, knowing my luck it'll end up being his... Harry stops all my thoughts when he walks into the kitchen were I Finnish my last drop of green tea and place it in the kitchen sink.

"Are you ready to go?" Harry asks picking up the car keys from the newspaper lying on the breakfast bar. 

"Yeah" I grab my bag and we both get into the car.

Neither of us speak. Some songs come on the radio, we sit there listening to music like we use to. Neither of us speaking, because we didn't have to, the wide smiles glued to our faces said it all. But when I look at Harrys face it isn't the same smile, its like a lights gone out, a sparkle that made the whole smile. We just approach the m4 when Harrys phone goes of yet again. I lean to get it, as Harry can't, but just as he sees me doing so, he leans to grab it hitting his head rather hard on the dash board, so hard that it knocks him out. I have no time to react to this or to get to the stirring wheel. When... our car crashes into a lorry making us role into another car, were still rolling around but every thing goes blurry and a buzzing noise sits in my ears, my eyes close, I try to stop them from closing tight shut, but I can't and my head drops into the air bag.

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