Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


21. Tea With Tanya



Chapter 21: Tea With Tanya




She finally replied agreeing to meet up. I'm on my way there now, and on the way back I get to pick up the DNA results. With any luck my plan will come together and I'll be packing my bags ready to leave by sunday. All I need to know are the details use them against Harry know who the Dad is and bingo, me and Harry should be divorced any time now. I can't wait.

I've left Harry with the baby, he thinks I'm going to the doctors for a general check up. When I'm in the cafe I get myself and Tanya some tea and sit down in the corner, out of site of people who walk by, that way know one knows I'm here, after all I am in the news due to Harry being so famous, another reason I can't wait to get divorced, I'll be out of the sight of the public... or not. That will be all people can talk about it, so many girls will be ecstatic they get another chance to get with Harry. But on the other hand, when me and Liam are out in the open... My thoughts are stopped when a cleaner Tanya walks in. She looks so pretty. I don't like it.

"Wow, you've lost that smell you use to carry" I say, tying to annoy her.

"Wow, you've never been so skinny" she replies, reminding me of the gob she has on.

"Any way. Heres your tea, I didn't put any sugar in it, I thought you'd like it bitter like yourself" I quickly begin my next sentence before she has a chance to reply "I know about you and my husband" 

"I guess that, so why did you ask me here?" she asks 

"I just wanted to know how long and have it confirmed" 

"Well there you go" She takes a sip of her tea,

"So its true he's done more then give you our money" I take a sip of tea trying to clear my throat, I didn't realise I'd feel this nervous.

"Actually that money was for a flat that I could live in and we could share, as our place. Kind of how you and Liam do things don't you think?" 

This makes me chock on my tea. 

"How... I mean how do you know anything about that?" 

"I have my ways. I got a job at cleaning some of those homes in that area, and I saw you and him together on several occasions, the thing is I'm not just here for you to get the dirt on me and Harry, I'm here so you can get enough dirt to leave him with a good reason and with out him finding out about Liam" She's good. This makes me hate her more.


"Thats not fair and you know it" 

"Fair? You want to talk fair. You guys were at it long before me and Liam..."

"But you and Liam were still..." 

I stop her with in her sentence. 

"Whatever. This conversation is getting know were" I put my coat on and begin to leave the table when she grabs my hand.

"What do you want?" I say whilst taking my hand back. 

"30,000 pounds cash by tomorrow" 

"What why should I give you any money?" I ask

"Even though you and Harry don't love each other, he still loves Lilly do you really want him to find out she's Liam's?" The nerve she has.

"Well for your information she is Harrys, I've just picked up the results from the DNA test." I walk out and get my car door when Tanya stops me.

"No you haven't. Your lying, I can spot a lyre." 

"Bog off! Even if she isn't his, how do you think he's going to feel when the one person he truly loves, didn't bother to tell him? Hmm... Not so goby now are we? And I bet he'll feel much better when he realises you asked for money,and the police would love to hear how an ex-druggy tried to black mail me should we chance it?" This takes her back.

"No. I'm sorry, but I will tell him if the baby isn't his, mark my words." 

I don't listen and get in my car. Trying to take in what just happened. I cant take Lilly away from him. She's his world. I now hope, for the first time in ages, that she is his.

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