Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


25. Tanya Wakes

Tanya lies helplessly in a coma. Harry can hardly speak. Mostly because he's angry. She promised him shed leave drugs alone, that was the condition on them getting back together. Not only that he could be spending time with Lilly, instead of being here in hospital. The press don't help either. They're having a field day. Harrys girlfriend on deaths door makes a brilliant story. Of course Im helping Harry through hard times. He's so hurt. If she dies he'll never be able to cope, maybe he'll find out what I did and make a plan against me. But who cares? Ive lost Liam, plus me and Lilly will be long gone before he even gets a sniff of whats going on. 

"Hey, how is she?" I ask, hoping for a different answer then he gives,

"They're thinking about waking her up in a couple of hours, as she's making good progress" he explains,

"Oh" a light in my eye dime's "I thought shed be ill for a lot longer" 

"Its good isn't it?" 

"Yeah course , I... I I'm just a bit shocked thats all" 

"Don't worry it shocked me when they told me" he exclaims, 


I sit with him before making my excuses. I couldn't sit there any longer. If she wakes up, he won't get with me. I didn't have long enough. I need to re-think. For starters I need to get rid of the phone. Then it hits me. Harry will just think she's lying, and she doesn't know I spiked it and I don't think she'd think it was me. Still, I wish I could hurt them both more, them to breaking up isn't enough and seen as though Harry got away with it, he has to pay more. I spend the rest of the evening away from the hospital and look after Lilly, for a change. Once she's been put to bed, someone knocks at the door. Its Harry.

"Harry, what are you doing here? How'd it go with Tanya? What she say?" I ask,

"She denied it all, so I left her" He then leans in and kisses me. YES! My plans working! I instantly kiss him back, but I almost want to gag. Knowing I'm kissing the guy who killed Liam. But I have to, for Liam. We then make our way through to the bedroom, were we move things a lot further. 

He spends the night, and its just like it use to be, he even got up in the night with Lilly. We're both beginning to behave the way we did 9 years ago, when we first got together.When we get up I put on Harrys shirt which just about covers me, and grab Lilly to find Harry already making our breakfast. When I bend over to strap Lilly in her high chair Harry raps his arms around my waist, and kisses my neck. 

"Morning" Harry says softly, 

"Morning,thanks, you know your really didn't have to cook breakfast" I say trying to be polite and convincing. 

"I know, but I wanted to say thanks for last night" 

"I'm not a prostitute you don't have to pay me in bacon and eggs" I say sarcastically, Harrys gives me a smile, one that makes me go giddy inside. 

"Stop" I say quickly, why am I feeling like this? I'm suppose to hate him, I need to hate him, otherwise all my effort with Tanya, and getting him here so we could spend the night together, would have been for all the wrong reasons "I can't take this" I say getting up from the kitchen table "I'm going for a long long shower and when I get out I don't want you here, you can Finnish your breakfast and get dressed and all then you can take Lilly, and just drop her of later" I don't let him finnsih before I leg it out, I need to shake of these feelings for the next faze of my plan.


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