Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


16. Joy And Liam



Chapter 16; Joy And Liam




A weeks by, not much has happened. We've cleared everything with our friends and family, and as for Tanya.Harry gave her the money. our money. I can't help but feel annoyed. Thats our money. We both worked really hard for that money. It wasn't just Harrys. And its suppose to be for our baby not that... that... I can't even think about it I'm suppose to be meeting up with Liam today, so I finally get to see our flat for the first time! I'm really excited, and to be honest its all thats kept me going this past week.

"Morning" Harry says cheerfully as he walks in to the room. 

"Morning what are you doing today" I say as I take another sip of orange juice, and a spoonful of cornflakes.

"Well..." He begins, but he puts his arms around me and kisses the side of my face and neck almost in a childish way. 

"I though you and I could have a lazy day just the two of us we can even pull out the old Gavin and Stacey box set, which I know you love and have an ominous"

It sounds lovely. But what am I going to do? I'm dying to meet Liam... I can't just say no...

​"Uhr that sounds lovely, but... but... I promised Joy that we could catch up you see she's just split up with her boyfriend and they were together ages they even got engaged and..." Harry stops in the middle of my sentence. 

"Don't worry we can do it tomorrow I just wanna spend as much time together before were up to our eyeballs in nappy and milk and... hang on a minute I didn't know you had a friend called Joy"

 I never was the best lyre... 

"Yeah were not that close, I met her from collage, we hardly ever chat thats probably why Ive never mentioned her"

"Ahh cool see you for dinner I can cook your favourite?" 

"That sounds lovely" 

He leaves the room and I finally feel like I can breath. Some days I just want to blurt out everything, but I know I can't. 

As I arrive at the new flat I can't help feeling bad. Not for Harry, but for Liam. He's obviously gone out of his way to get this place. It must have cost him a fortune. It's lovely though. The locations just right. No one would recognise him or me for that matter. Its perfect. It has this gorgeous sea view, just like the ones in the films. When I enter the flat I'm greeted with the smell of chicken, roasted. He must have cooked me my favourite meal. I peer round the room, taking it all in, and notice a candle lit table, with a rose, the perfect shade of red, perched in the middle.

"Do you like it?" Liam asked anxiously,

"Yeah, I love it its perfect! But..." 

"I don't like the sound of this" he begins sounding doubtful, "but what?"

"It looks dead expensive, I can't expect you to pay for all this"
"Yes you can. I wanted to treat you so I am"

"I don't deserve you" I say softly whilst rapping my arms around him. He grabs my waist and pulls me in for a kiss. We then sit down and it dinner. For a while everything's normal. We just talk about life, our jobs, the baby, the weather, even the news. It's like were a proper family. Just about to have a baby making the most of being free. Until my phone rings, and its Harry. Pulling us back into reality. I ignore it and carry on. It keeps ringing. Then, I think he gives up as my phone stops and me and Liam are left alone.


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