Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


20. Coming Home




Chapter 20: Coming Home




Today Lilly and I, are being discharged. When Harry was helping us get in the car his phone went of 3 times, a new record. On the journey home, everything's awkward. Harry doesn't say one word unless its about the baby. Thats the only topic we can think of. Which is boring. As much as I love her, I don't want to just talk about her. I can't wait to find out what he's hiding so I can use it to end things with him, then I can be with Liam.

​When we get home we both realise Harry can't be trusted to live alone. He's been living off, takeaways, beers and water. 

"I'm going to go out and get us some things for breakfast, and dinner won't be long, could you grab me my jacket" Harry shouts from the front door.

Very quickly I take out his phone and put in my pocket giving him the jacket.

"Don't be long" I say giving him a kiss.

Once the door closes and Harrys car leaves the drive I search through his phone, and find someone under the name as 'T' which I'm guessing stands for Tanya. I scroll through most of the texts.


          What time can you get to mine? T xox

Umm... as soon as possible I'll tell her I need to get the car sorted or something H xox

Ok see you soon Love you T xox

Love you more H xox

I suddenly remember all the times he came up with these excuses. He's good. Really good, although i knew he was having an affair I never guessed he was carrying out this affair at these particular times. Im so relieved.  But annoyed they've been having an affair for over two years. we weren't even married two years ago. I loved him so much two years ago, I still remember the way I looked at him and felt. I just have to be careful how I go about this, so I put her phone number in my phone and sent her a text asking to meet up at the cafe on the corner of our road, but not to tell Harry, I now just have to wait for a reply. Then it hits me... the DNA test. I can't do anything before I find out who the Dad is. Luckily the results should be in at any time now. I hear Harrys car approaching our drive way I quickly run into the kitchen and put his phone were his jacket was, as if to say it 'fell out'. 

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