Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


10. Baby Shopping



Chapter 10: Baby Shopping



Harry was so ecstatic. He kept going on and on, in the car journey home, about how he was finally going to have his little girl. He was so excited that he even suggested going baby shopping today so we could have everything perfect for her. I only said yes to shut him up. He even invited Nial to come along. He did ask Liam but lucky enough for me he said no. When we arrive in Mother care, I'm throne by how big it is. Theres almost everything you could need. Nial pushes the trolly and me and harry stay close together, looking at everything we need. Half this stuff I didn't realise existed until now. Stupidly, I let Harry and Nial have some alcohol before we came here as Harry wanted to celebrate with a pint (He's excuse to drink) and as i couldn't drink Nial kindly offered to have one with him. But this makes them even more happy/hyper than usual. They begin being stupid. Nial walks over to a bunch of pottys and puts one on his head and bursts out laughing. People begin to stare and not just because he's famous.

"Harry tell him" i plead, these were the wrong words to choose.

"Don't tell him come put one on" Nial says to Harry.

Harry begins to walk over whilst talking "She's right" Nials smile fades, "you wear it like this" and he puts it on a different way to Nial, and they both crack up. As if there the new dynamo. As if their the first people ever to be stupid enough to wear a potty on their heads. 

"You look like idiots take them of" I snap, but I do find it a little bit funny. 

"Sorry Mummy" Nial said, I'm guessing just to wind me up. 

"No come on Nial if we take these of now, i promise we can try on some nappies" harry sends me a cheeky smile, as if to say he won't actually he's just winding me up. And it worked. And he knows it. When we move on we come across all sorts, which of course ends up in the trolly, as Harry said we can never have to much. But we can. I'm so glad he's not letting me push the trolley, it looks as though there pushing two trucks by the way there acting. But at least we have EVERYHTING. 




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