The Girl On The Swing

There is a girl on a swing
never truly there
visible to only one.


1. The Girl

Merrily, the girl skipped out onto the large, bright lawn and ran towards her solitary swing, hanging from the strong branch of an apple tree, knowing her siblings weren't far behind her. But someone was already on her swing. A small girl with long hair was perched upon the seat of the swing, her small fists clutching the ropes that allowed it to hang. But the strange girl had a grey tinge to her body and, when you looked closer, didn't seem to be truly on the swing. Her body seemed to hover slightly above the swing, her hands sunk through. Both the young girls, living and dead, stared at each other, each gripped with terror yet full of intrigue. But just like that, the ghostly girl on the swing disappeared.
She returned to the swing at the same time, just past one o'clock, everyday. And the young girl always went out to meet her. Neither of them ever said a word to each other, they just stared, captivated by the presence of their friend from another world.

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