Harry styles... My brother!?!

Emily is a 18 year old girl who lives in an orphanage... She looks a lot like Harry styles... And everyone thinks she's Harry styles sister... But is she....

Read on to find out..x


15. chapter 8

The sun shone brightly through the window, the smell of bacon and egg awoke me from my haze. The feeling of two strong and muscular arms gave me a feeling of contentment and security. I quickly rubbed my eyes to see if such an angel like sight before me was real or just another beautiful dream I dreamt.

I tried to remove his strong hold from me yet he held on tighter murmuring incoherent words. He popped open his eyes allowing me to see his captivating blue eyes giving me a rush of nerves and butterflies to fly around in my belly. His soft smile had me blushing. Until realisation dawned upon me I could not understand why the two of us happened to sleep in the same bed. The same time realisation dawned upon him we both jumped out of the bed.

What are you doing in my room?!?

What happened?!? We both shout in sync

Oh god I thought. His morning voice had sounded so tempting. We both burst out laughing, clutching on to our stomach with tears of laughter in our eyes.

The ache in my head made me remember parts of my night but not all. It was a hangover she though.

"Last night after the adoption was confirmed all I remember was we celebrated. Louis being the hyper man he is decided to go to the bar and have few shots" Niall thoughtfully said.

"But those few shots must have turned into more. I have an aching hangover and im assuming you do as well?" Asked Emily.

"Yeah I do, but that still doesn't explain why we are in the same bed" Niall said.

"Well at least we are wearing our cloth- part of our clothes actually" my eyes flickered over to Nialls bare chest with a prominent 6 pack, my mouth watered just by looking at it. His tight boxer briefs were even more of a turn on, my eyes followed the sight of his body till i snapped out of my haze and looked at his face only to see him smirking.

"Like what you see darling?" He confidently spoke

"No, I um I think we need to go down, I'm feeling hungry and need some medicine" i murmured shyly.


"Nice of you to join us Niall" Louis says sassily with an overconfident smirk

"Emily" he addressed me winking jokingly flipping the eggs in the pan.

"Can I please have some Advil and a glass of water?" Emily whispered shyly

"Sure, I'll get it for you both" Liam smiled kindly as he got off the stool and went through the cabinets

"where is Harry? He hasn't formally introduced himself to Emily" Niall proclaimed

"Harry is changing, he should be coming down any minute" zayn grumbled sleepily

As I sat down beside Niall on the kitchen table, with louis munching happily and zayn looking sleepy. Liam passed two glasses of waters and Advils to both me and Niall. Gulping the water down with the medicine; as if on cue there was a loud groan, my eye flittered above to see who it was only to have my eyes greeted by Harry styles.

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