It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


19. ' What the hell are you doing here? '

Chapter 19
' What the hell are you doing here? '
Katy's pov



I just stared at Talia with my angry expression. How dare she come back here.

' What the hell are you doing here? ' I asked calm, even though I was freaking out. 

' I just wanted to say hi. ' she said, I raised an eyebrow.

' Uhm, what are you up too? did you come to steal my boyfriend again? or maybe my bestfriend? maybe both? if yes, get the hell out.. Or wait, just get the hell out. ' I said snapping at her.

' Katy... Please.. ' She said closing her eyes at the same time.

' Nope. I don't trust you. ' I said turning around. 

' Fine then. Bye ' she said and in a second she was gone. She left. 

I walked out of the room to get to the bathroom when I heard voices from downstairs.
Curious me being curious just had to listen. 

' Well, you can't just think that she'll forgive you like that. You were her bestfriend. ' I heard Niall's voice, I knew he was talking to Talia. 

' I know, and I don't regret kissing Harry. He's a hottie. ' I heard Talia answer, I was about to walk down and hit her or something but another voice stopped me.

' Thank you... ' I heard Harry say, not in a ' uh..Thanks' way, but in a flirty.. A part of me told me to just walk away before I get hurt, but the other part told me to listen. I decided to listen.

' Harry, are you going to let the girl who basically ruined your relationship stay in the house?! ' Niall snapped, I smiled because at least Niall still was on my side.

' What are you even talking about, Niall! Katy and I are good and you know that! Talia can stay if she wants to? I dont mind, but if she even lays a finger on me, she'll be out. Ok? ' I heard Harry say, and I just rolled my eyes... Stupid, stupid... 

' Harry, your girlfriend is upstairs probably crying.. ' Talia suddenly says and I raised an eyebrow, where did she get that thought.. 

' Why? what did you do?! ' I heard Harry snap at her, that's my Harry. 

' I told her we had sex. ' She answered and I basically needed to hold in my laughter. She never said that, what in the world is wrong with this girl? ..

' YOU HAD SEX WITH HER?! fucking idiot! ' I heard Niall say then I heard footsteps, shit.. 

I saw Niall and immidiatly took my hand over his mouth to keep him silent.

' Why did you tell her that?! She wasn't suppose to know! ' I heard Harry say and my heart broke.... 

The tears started to find their way out, my hand backed away from Niall's mouth, Niall just stared at me. 

' Let me guess, she never told you and you heard it now? ' Niall whispered and I nodded.
He pulled me closer and gave me a really comforting hug, it broke when we heard the door shut downstairs, then some footsteps.

' Katy.... ' Harry said, I looked at him then at Niall. 

' I think we need to talk, Harry.. I'll see you later, Niall. ' I said and said bye to Niall. 

' Ok, listen! Whatever she told you, it wasn't true. ' Harry said, I literally laughed. He really tried to lie to me..

' Funny thing is, she never told me that. I heard the whole conversation. ' I said moving closer to him.

' I even heard you say that I wasn't suppose to know. ' I said, his eyes widened and I saw he was about to cry. 

' Explain. ' I said. 

' Ok, listen. It's not what you think. She...... She made me do it, ok? ' Harry said, I thought he was stronger than this. 

' Seriously? ' I said looking away, Harry grabbed my waist to make sure I didn't leave.

' It didn't mean anything! She said that if I didn't have sex with her, she would tell you that we did it. So I did it. I'm so sorry... ' Harry said crying by now. I wasn't mad at him for a strange reason. I felt bad for him actually. But still, I was hurt.

' I still can't believe you fucked my bestfriend.. ' I said looking down.

' It would've been more awesome and better if it was you. ' Harry said, and I couldn't do anything else then let out a laugh. 

' Im sorry, babe. ' Harry said holding my hands. At this point, I decided I'd forgive him.

' Ok, fine. You're forgiven. ' I said kissing him. He smiled while we kissed for a long long time. 

I know it's weird that I forgave him so easily. I don't want to lose him again. He didn't do it on purpose. 

Hey guys, I'm sorry for late updating. I've had a sleepover so I couldn't. 
And! Sorry for short chapter, but I hoped you enjoyed! 
Love ya all, stay tuned :)

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