It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


9. Touring for a year


                                                                             Chapter 9

Touring for a year

Katy's pov

I woke up in an empty bed, no Harry. 
I remembered they had a interview today, so I hurried downstairs and turned on the tv. I was right in time. 

- So, of all of you guys, who has a girlfriend? 

Zayn, Liam and Louis raised their hands, I felt a little hurt that Harry didn't.

- Ohh, Harry and Niall, there must be some girl in your life's? someone you fancy?

- Uhm, no.  
Harry said no with no hesitation, what does this even mean? Louis looked weird at Harry and tapped Niall's shoulder and asked him something I couldn't hear, Niall shaked his head and raised an eyebrow.

After asking them hell alot of questions about their busy life, the interview was finally over and then they got back home. 

' Katy, I really need to talk to you. ' Harry said
' Bet you do ' I said and followed him. 

' Look, we can't date anymore... I'm way to busy to have an relationship. I just.. I cant stand to be away from you.. We're going on a tour tomorrow and we'll be gone for a year... ' Harry said

' Wait, what?.. you guys said you're going to stay for 2 months! ' I said almost crying.

' I know, we thought that as well, but the tour starts tomorrow. We have to break up. '  He said
And I guess he's right, I cant be away from him in a year. It's to much. 

' I'll call you and text you, ok? I promise ' Harry said and hugged me really tight.

' Yeah. I hope you will. ' I laughed between a sob.. 

' We'll do something fun tonight, alright? ' Harry said. I nodded.

Niall and I sat by ourselfs because everyone else was packing, and Niall was finished.

' You're free to live here while we're gone, Katy. ' Niall said and hugged me.

' Thanks, I will. To remember you guys. ' I answered, he laughed.

' We'll be back once in a while when we've got breaks. ' Niall said

' I know. ' I answered before Louis came running downstairs and jumped on me and Niall


' Aw, Boobear, Im going to miss you too! ' I fake cried and hugged him while Niall laughed his ass off.

Soon enough, Liam and Zayn came running over to us as well and jumped on the couch.

' AUCH! ' I yelled, everyone laughed.

' Sorry that we're leaving so soon! ' Zayn said

I just smiled and patted him on his head like a dog. haha

' HEY MAKE ROOM FOR ME! ' Harry yelled from the stairs and jumped on the rest of us
for some reason he landed right infront of my face, so our faces were really close to eachother.

' Hey ' Harry laughed, I laughed as well.

' Hey, can you get everyone off of me please? I can barely breath. ' I said, his eyes widened

' The girl cant breath, get off. ' Harry fake cried, which made Niall laugh harder then before but everyone got off and laughed. 

' I'm hungry ' Niall said, I just shaked my head, he's always hungry 

' Like always, make something to eat then! ' I said laughing at him. 

' I will, who's with me? ' He yelled and runned to the kitchen, Zayn, Liam and Louis followed him.

Harry sat down next to me and put his hand around me. 

' I'm going to miss you. ' He said while he kissed me on the cheek a lot.

' I'm going to miss you too. ' I answered looking him straight in to his eyes.

' I really cant kiss you, Katy. It'll make it harder for both of us. ' Harry said, I nodded.

' I know. ' I answered. But in a minute he just smiled and came closer and kissed me. 
It lasted for a long time until we heard something break. 

' I thought- ' He interupted me.

' You honestly thought I would not kiss you as much as I wanted before I leave you for a year? ' Harry asked, I just laughed and cupped his face in my hands.

' No, cus I would kiss you anyway, if I didn't I would've regret it. ' I said and kissed him again. I felt him smile against my lips. We kept on until we got interupted.

' Uhm, sorry to interupt you're hot make out season! But, the food is ready, you want some? ' Louis asked laughing. I shaked my head, so did Harry.

' Oh, I understand! You're going to eat eachother! ' Louis yelled and laughed and hurried to the kitchen.

' That's just grows... ' Harry said making me laugh, I nodded and added a 'yeah'.

The night went on with movies and actually a lot of crying. 

' You guys, the clock is 3 in the middle of the night. We need to go to sleep, we're leaving early tomorrow. ' Liam said being the daddy direction, it's actually funny.

' Yeah, we're leaving at 6 o'clock in the morning. ' Niall said looking at me.

' That's only 3 hours? ' I said and raised an eyebrow. 

' Actually 2, we have to be up 1 hour before we leave you know. ' Harry said. 

' I guess you need 2 hours of sleep then. ' I said.

I hugged everyone and said bye, even though I would wake up at 5 to say goodbye. 

When Harry's alarm clock went off I woke up and he just looked at me. 

' I'm going to miss you so much. You're going to be ok alone? ' Harry said, I could barely keep my eyes open, so I just nodded.

' I'll say goodbye to the lads from you. ' He said and kissed me one last time before he left.

This is going to be a long hard year.









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