It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


2. The party at One Direction's vacation house



The party at One Direction's vacation house


Katy's pov


I was just finished eating my breakfast when my phone started ringing, I actually started to think that it was Harry, but no. It was Talia.

' Hey Katy, Listen.. Im so sorry about yesterday.. I was just mad, you're allowed to hate One d-'

' No! Katy, I don't hate them. Their fine.  But I've got to go, I have a party to attend now in an hour. '

' Oh, well. Have fun, talk to you tomorrow. ' 

' yes, bye. ' 


After I hanged up I just wondered what just happened, I was jo ready for her to ask the hell out of me like where I was going, who's party it was, and if she could go with me. But she didn't.

I walked over to my closet and I must say I was standing there for quite a long time before even finding something to wear. I found something evetually, this is what I was going to wear: 

I looked myself in the mirror and just smiled. I thought to myself. ' Perfect. ' 
I walked downstairs and my dad's eyes widened.

' Wow. You look so... '
' Grown up? ' I asked and smiled. He nodded.
' Yeah, my little girl is growing up. ' He said and hugged me. 
' Have a good time, and be careful. ' He said then he let me go.
' I will, daddy. Bye! ' I said and walked outside before he could change his mind. He use to do that. On my way to the house I forgot that I actually don't know where the house is and I took my phone up and saw ' Harry is calling you ' and I just sighed, I had put my phone on silent, great Katy. I answered.

' Hey '
' Hey Katy, where are you? ' I heard the raspy voice in the other side of the phone.
' Actually, I'm on my way. But, where the hell is the house? ' I could hear him laugh.
' Enough laughing, Styles. Where are you guys? ' He didn't answer, I heard hysterically laughing. I stopped right there in my track. And noticed eyes on me. So I turned to the right and saw 5 familiar faces, cracking up. I shaked my head.

' Very funny! ' I said ironic 
' How can you be so blind? I called you when I saw you, I died of laughter. ' Harry said still laughing.
' You didn't die. Unfortunally I can still see you. ' I said. He just took my hand and I literally panicked, I took it away quickly. 
' Sorry, Common in! ' He said and showed me inside, I said hi to the rest of the boys. Funny how Liam was already a little drunk, there were also beer cans on the table.

' The party has started I see? ' I said, Louis was about to answer when a girl entered.
' Who's the bitch? ' She said. Harry looked down and shaked his head.
' Could you just not? ' he said to her and just stared at her.
' No, it's ok Harry. ' I said, he looked at me with an 'are you sure?' look on his face. I just nodded.
I wasn't going to let her put me down, never in a billion years. 
' Let's get the party started! ' Harry yelled and took the girl her hand and walked away. Not in a good way, more rougly. I basically thought he was going to fuck her. 
' You guys, I really need to go the toilet. ' I said to the lads.
' Right, go in to the livingroom then to the left. ' Louis said, I smiled and walked to where he told me. There was a lot of doors there, I could hear Harry and that girl as well, but there was more talking then... you know. 

' I don't care! why do you have to so rude to her?! ' I heard Harry say
' Oh, baby.. Please, I'm sorry. ' 
' It's not me you need to apologize to. Im sick of you being mean to my friends. ' 
' I'll say sorry. ' is the last thing I heard, and I literally runned to the bathroom to make them not notice I listened to what they said. I did my thing and went upstairs again. To my non-suprise the girl walked straight up to me.
' Im sorry. ' she said and took her hand out for me, I shaked it.
' It's ok. ' I smiled, just then Harry came over and put his hands around both of us.
' Aw! everyone's friends after all! ' He said in his high pitch voice, I laughed really hard at that.
' My name is Claire by the way. ' The girl said, she had long brown hair like me.
' Katy. ' I smiled. She nodded.
' Why don't you girls get to know eachother a bit? ' Harry said and just walked away.
Claire and I just stood there awkwardly and laughed.

' So, how long have you and Harry been dating? ' I asked, she raised her eyebrow.
' We don't. He's way out of league for me, by the way. He's my bestfriend. I can't risk that a relationship will ruin it. ' She said, I nodded.
' I understand. ' I said and smiled.

The night went on and I talked a lot to Claire and we turned out to get along quite good. She's not so bad actually. Suddenly a drunk Harry came over almost tripping over us and took our hands, I could tell I was a bit wasted myself. 
' Dance with me, Katy ' Niall said in his irish accent, so hot. I must say. 
' I can't dance Niall! ' I said. He laughed, he was wasted as well. 
He took my waist with one of his hand and my hand with the other and just swung me around in the room and sang along, I just laughed and laughed.

After a while of dancing I stared to get dizzy, here goes the alcohol.
' Niall, I need to take a break. ' I said almost making both of us fall.
' Easy there tiger! ' Niall said and poked my nose.
I sat down next to Harry and Louis who had an funny conversation.
' One time, I slipped on the stairs, and I just. I FELT SO ALIVE!!! ' Harry screamed out, and I bursted out laughing. He turned around and smiled. 
' Hey there sexy ' He said, he was drunk so I thought he didn't mean it. 
' Heyhey ' I said, I felt a little flirty, we sat pretty close as well, but I just didn't care. 
I felt a bit guilty for just making Harry ignore Louis so he would sit by himself but when I looked over he had Claire on his lap, and they were kinda.. Eating eachother faces. Harry noticed my expression and turned around, he started clapping.
' Good work Lou! now, go get a fucking room or get away at least so I can talk to this beautiful lady here! ' Harry said more serious than ever. What was going on? was he talking the truth?
He turned back to me and Louis lifted Claire up, they actually continued making out while he walked, I laughed at it.
' Hey, look at me instead of them making porn! ' Harry said, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. He just said that they were making porn, I just... haha! 

The night went on with just me and Harry talking and talking. He was literally staring the whole time. But I liked it.

But at one point, I had to go home. I said goodbye to the boys and Claire and went home. I thought about the pool party, and I noticed we never were in a pool, funny. 
When I got home I layed down in my bed ready to sleep, only one problem.
I can't seem to get Harry out of my thoughts. 


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