It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


3. Telling


Chapter 3

Katy's pov




My dad had just finished off work, he literally just got home.
After my mother died, it's been hard for my dad to handle me alone, but now that I'm obviously taking care of myself, I can see my dad actually relaxing. It's a good thing for me, I don't want him to be all concerned and overprotective, it's so annoying. 

After my dad came home, he went all stressed out because he forgot something at the grocery shop, I just couldn't handle him just talk on and on about how bad he is because he didn't buy that and that, so I offered to go to the shop and buy the stuff he had forgotten. His face lighted up, and all the pressure on him was gone. I know my dad gets stressed off little things, but little things again is what's needed to get him unstressed.

' That's so nice of you sweetheart, you need to buy milk and some dinner for you. I'm going to a w... friend, so I'll be late back home today. Have fun pumpkin. ' He said, and he literally hurried out the door. I don't know if I should worry the most about the fact that he almost said he's meeting a woman or the fact that I'm all by myself tonight. How greeeat. 

Ok, the thing is. I don't want my dad to get attached to another woman. I want him to be happy, I really do. But it will be hard for me to see him with another woman. 

I took some cash that my dad had placed on the table for me, then I went to the grocery shop. There was a lot of teenage girls outside the shop and the shop was actually closed. I bet my buddies are in there. I decided to text Harry and ask them to let me in.

To: Harry

Hey Haarry! Im outside the shop, and there's a lot of girls here unlocked, I bet you guys are inside. May I join? 

From: Harry

Hey Katy! Hahaah, Louis's by himself there! You'll have to text him! :)x bye 

To: Harry

I will! bye :)


Then I texted Louis.

To: Louis

May I join you? Im outside, hah. 

From: Louis

Yes, thank god! 

About a minute or two the shop worker let me in, and I can say... The girls went mad! They were like ' What! why her? Me to! ' and they literally pushed me away and stuff. Stupid jealous girls.

I walked inside to an complete empty shop center, wow. 
' KAAAAAATYYYY! ' I heard a familiar voice, it came closer until I literally was pushed down at the floor.
' Shit, I'm so sorry! ' Louis said, I laughed.
' It's ok, Lou. ' I said, he smiled.
' Thanks for joining me! ' He said.
' No problem, had nothing to do and I was going here anyway and I saw the girls and I knew it was you guys, but I didn't think you were alone. '
' Well, I sadly am, not now though. ' He said, we laughed and walked around in the mall and just waited for the girls to get the hell away.

Louis and I sat by a ice cream shop, the icecream dude made us free ice cream, he was so nice! I sat there completely silence and I didn't even listen to what Louis was saying. I just kept on thinking about Harry.. What is this. I can't have feelings for him. It's way to soon! 

' Earth to Katy! ' Louis says making me come back to reality.
' Sorry.. I was just... Thinking. ' I said looking down.
Louis sighed. 
' I know about what Katy. You can tell me, I think I'll have a good enough answer, cus I already know what you're going to say. ' Louis said, I raised an eyebrow, how could he possibly know I may have feelings for Harry?.. 
' What? I bet you don't. ' I said, hoping he didn't. 
' Yes! You're going to tell me that you're really confused. You cant stop thinking about him. You may have feelings for him. And you just want to be with him all the time. ' He said, well. That explains my problem, but how...  
' How did you know? and do you know who? ' I asked. 
' I noticed, and yes. I know it's Harry. ' He said, I looked down at my shoes. Louis placed his hand on my back.
' You should tell him, Katy. ' He said, I looked up at him for a long time. I nodded.
I stood up and told Louis I just went for a walk, in a mall. Wow! I went around in circles and just thought.
I sure as hell wasn't going to call him, I'll text. 

To: Harry

Uhm, I need to tell you something. Please don't think I'm weird or anything. Or it doesn't matter, I think I'm weird myself. Now, back to the point... Since yesterday, I kinda can't... you know.. Think straight.. Or I.. ah, I don't know how to say this Harry! I'll just say it... I think I may have... feelings for you. 

After typing it, I looked trough it for a long time. I decided not to send it, but with an accident I hit the send button. Fuck. After a couple of minutes my phone started ringing, 

- Hallo? 
- Hey, It's Harry. Where are you? 
- Uhm.. At the mall, with Louis. 
- Shit.. Uhm, I can't come see you before later then.
- Why would you see me? I'm sure I just messed up big time. 
- Katy, Don't worry about that. Just come home with Louis. Bye.
- Uhm, Ok. Bye. 

Ok, what was that... Was he going to give me a lesson that I'd never going to get him because he's a popstar or something and I'm a normal boring girl. Can't wait... 

Almost at 11 o'clock in the evening the girls were gone, and we finally got to go out of the mall. 
Louis and I sat in the car and drove home to their vacation house and I was a nervous wreck.
' Don't worry Katy. He wouldn't told you to come home with me if he didn't want you, I bet he wants you so bad. '
' That sounds so wrong in so many ways. ' I answered.
' You're to dirty minded, jesus. Perfect for Harry. ' I had to laugh. 

After 5 minutes we reached the house, and by now. I was shaking. I didn't want to be yelled at or something! 
' Common Katy! Trust me! ' Louis said and with that we got out of the car and inside the house.
' Hey Harry! ' Louis yelled. I could tell he was upstairs, he came down and smiled at me, I just smiled back to hide my nervousy. 
' Uhm, Katy.. Would you mind to come upstairs with me? I need to talk to you. ' Harry said, Shit. I nodded.

Louis gave me thumbs up, but I knew he was thumb WRONG.

We got upstairs and into a room which I suppose is Harry's, he started.
' Listen, Katy.. I just want to tell you that I- ' I interupted
' I know Harry. I shouldn't have told you, I messed up and I'm sorry. ' 
' No! Katy, you- ' Interupted him again.
' Harry, Im really sorry ok! ' he just rolled his eyes at me.
' I'm fucking trying to tell you something here and you keep interupting me! ' 
' Well, I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear that you think I'm a crazy girl for having feelings for you the third day! I don't want to feel stupid for telling you! Why would you date me? I'm a normal boring girl! You dont... I- ' Now, I got interupted.
' Katy, Listen to me! I don't care th- ' woops...
' I know you dont care ab- '
' FUCK! shut up! ' Is the last thing he said before smashing his lips into mine. It lasted for a looong time.

He pulled back and smiled at me.
' I was trying to tell you that I like you to, Katy. ' he said
' You do? ' I asked, he nodded.
' Don't ever interupt me again by the way, It's annoying. ' he said, I laughed
' Well, I may be interupting you a lot from now on. ' I said laughing.
' Is that because I kissed you to make you shut up? ' He said, still holding my chin.
I nodded, I was literally smiling from ear to ear and he smiled back. 
' You dont have to interupt me everytime just to get me to kiss you. ' He said, I got an idea.
' Ok, I wont. But, can I stay here for a while? my dad's at a friends house. '
' Yeah, sure.. We have a gu- ' hah, interupteeed.
' Ha. ' He glared at me. 
' Seriousl- '
' HA! ' he glared at me once again.
' Im going to p- '
' To wha- ' He kissed me once again this time more rough. He literally throwed me on the bed.
' Woaah. ' I said. He smirked at me.
' If you didn't interupt me, you might have known th- '
' What? '
' Its on. ' He said and he layed on top of me, we were just laying there making out like crasy, before...
' Hey, can I- OH! Did I interupt something? ' Louis asked trying not to laugh.
' YES! ' Harry yelled. That's when Louis broke. He literally died of laughter.
' We'll come down. ' I said to Louis, which made Harry stare at me. Louis walked out still dying.
' I don't want to go down, I want to be here alone with you. ' 
' You can hit on me later ' I said pushing him of me. I was about to walk out when I realised Harry didn't follow.
' Harry, c'mon. ' I said noticing he still was in bed. 
' Nope. ' He said. 
' Seriously, get you fat ass over here. ' I said, he laughed.
' Come here and give me a kiss, then I'll go down with you. ' I went over and kissed him for like 5 seconds, I was about to stand up but he stopped me, he just stared at me and smiled. 
' What? ' I asked.
' Just.. come here. ' He said with his raspy voice, you can't NOT come to him.. I kissed him once again, this time it lasted really long. I backed away this time he let me. We went downstairs to meet the lads, they smirked. Oh, Louis told them.
' So.. You and Harry goes good? ' Zayn said, and Louis cracked up...Again. Harry walked down behind me and hugged me from behind, he started kissing my neck infront of the lads. 
' Oh jesus, get a room. ' Niall said.
' We were there, but the lady wanted to go down. ' Harry said, ohgod, what a dirty bastard. I liked it though. I decided to tease him a little. I made sure that the lads where gone, I turned around and started to kiss Harry rougly, and I even touched his boner, yes. He had a boner. I started rubbing in, then I backed away and just smiled at him. He looked so shocked.
' holy shit... You can't do that. ' he said
' I did though. ' I said and walked out to the lads with a smile on my face. But I kinda got pulled away again.
' I said, you can't do that. ' He said
' Do what? this? ' I said, starting to rub it... again. He started to have troubles talking, he liked it. 
' Holy shit... D-don't stop.... ' he stuttered
' stop doing this? ' I said, this time using a bit more pressure and quicker, he started to groaning so I stopped.
' Fuck Katy.. This is your fault. ' He said, pointing at his boner. I smiled.
' I'll fix it later. ' I said turning around walking to the lads.
' You better babe. ' He said slapping my bum. Yes, he did. 

I wanted to tease him so badly in the livingroom, but he was talking with Zayn the whole time and not me. He probably knew I was up to something. 

I walked out to the hall and gave my dad a call. 

- Hey dad, I'm at a friends house. Can I sleep over? 
- Sure sweetheart. But, I have to go. See you tomorrow hunney. 
- Yes, bye. 

I hanged up and walked back to the other lads. 



I know sertain things in this chapter happend quite fast
but the faster things happens the more funnier it gets is what
I think! :-) Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. And I'm warning!

The next chapter will be worse. It's you're choice
If you want to read it or not. I would jump over that
 part if you dont like scenes like that. Ok, bye. Hah! :)

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