It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


5. Talia knows


Chapter 5


Talia knows


Katy's pov



I was sitting in the kitcen with the guys, it was a new day and I felt so good. I don't understand why I even hated the boys at the first place, their so nice and their literally like my brothers! Except Harry though, it would be weird. But he's my bestfriend as well. 

' So, what's up for today? ' Louis asked, waiting for an answer.
' I'm heading home, I need to talk to a friend. I wont say anything about this. ' I said.
' No, You should tell her, it has to start at some point. Just make sure she doesn't say it to anybody else yet, it's to early. ' Harry smiled at me and I smiled back.

' I'm sure she wont. ' I said and got ready to get home. 

After I got home, I invited Talia over and she was on her way.
It was a sunny day today, so I decided we could hang out in the backyard. 

I went to open the door and there stood my bestfriend Talia.
' Where the freaking hell have you been lately? ' She asked. 
' Yeah, about that.. I have something to tell you. ' I said and went out to the backyard

' Talia, promise me. You wont scream, and you wont tell ANYONE! ok? ' I said
' You're not going to kidnap me are you? ' She laughed, I shaked my head.
' I might if you scream or tell anyone though. ' I said, she nodded back.
' I wont tell anyone, and I wont scream. What's up? ' Here it goes, she's gonna scream.
' Well, the other day... I was out of breakfast.. So I had to go buy some, right. '
' Yeah? '
' And when I came to the shop, there was NOBODY in there but the guy who worked there. And he told me to leave, and then it came a guy out from the breakroom and told me to stay, he seemed so familiar, so I went in to the break room. And- ' 
' Katy, you met one direction? ' She asked suddenly out of nowhere.
' Yeah. ' I said, she looked down. But she didn't scream.
' You're so lucky, did you get anything to remember them? ' She asked, oh. She thought I didn't keep in touch, I laughed.
' Talia, listen. '
' When we were going out from the shop, they asked me to attend their party. I said yes, I went to it and talked to Harry all night, started to get feelings for him, the next day, which was yesterday. I told him about it because Louis said I should. And now... we're dating. ' I said, she just smiled.
' Don't fucking joke with me now? ' She said, almost shouting.
' Im not, I can prove it to you. ' I said, she nodded.
' Prove it, text Harry. ' She said, and I did it. 

To: Harry
I miss you x

The reason why I wrote that I missed him, is because Talia wouldn't believe me if he didn't wrote it back.

From: Harry
I miss you too babe! x Come to our house again later, take your friend with you. xx

I stared at a shocked Talia, and waited for her to speak.
' Holy freaking god, you're dating Harry Styles! ' She said.

' You can't tell anyone Talia. Not yet, and I guess you're going to join me going to their house? ' I asked, she nodded.
' Great. We're leaving soon. I'm just going to text Harry and ask if it's ok if we come over now. ' I said and started typing on my phone again while Talia calmed down. I'm glad she didn't scream. 

To: Harry
She took it suprisingly good, we'll be over in a half an hour if it's ok? x 

From: Harry
Hahah, good. Yeeah, hurry up. I want my girl back! x 

To: Harry
You're so sweet baby

From: Harry
I know baabe x see you later

' You ready? ' I asked Talia she nodded.
' You have to talk when we get there you know, so open you're mouth for god's sake! ' I said.
' Yeah, Im ready! ' She said and then we went over to their house. 

We knocked on the door and Liam opened it with a huge smile on his face.
' Hey! you're early! ' Liam whispered while hugging me, then looked over at Talia.
' Hey, I'm Liam. ' He said to her and shaked her hand.
' Talia. ' She responded.
' What about we suprise Harry? what if I take Talia with me inside and we say that you got in a car accident or something, lets see how scared he gets. ' Liam said, I started nodding and we all got inside the house and I went to hide.
' Who's at the door? ' I heard Harry say when they entered the livingroom, I could hear everything.
' Harry... This is Talia, Katy's friend.. Im afraid I have some bad news. ' I heard Liam say, it went silence for a while until Harry speaked up.
' Yeah? ' he said.
' She got in a car accident, she may not survive. ' Liam said and pretended to cry, he's good at this! 
' WHAT?! where is she?! ' I heard Harry literally shout out, I jumped. 
 ' Harry, calm down bro. It's going to be ok. ' I heard Niall say. I looked carefully in to the livingroom to see Harry on the floor crying his eyes out and Niall hugging him. Liam and Talia though was laughing.
He loves me?.. I couldn't hide anymore. I walked in to the livingroom, Harry was still hiding his face in his hands. Niall saw me but he went completely silence. 
' You love me? ' I asked, Harry hurried over to me and hugged the hell out of me.
' Oh jesus, are you ok?! ' He said
' Yes, I were all the time, it was a joke. Im sorry. ' I said, he's going to get so mad..
He let me go and just stared at me.
' What? ' he asked, looked at me all the time.
' We thought it would be funny, Im so sorry. ' I said trying to take his hands in mine.
' What the fuck! Does this look like a fun thing to do?! YOU SCARED ME! ' He yelled and pushed me away, not hard or anything but enough to make my hands slip away from his. 
' Harry, please! Im sorry, I wont do it again. ' I said.
' Whatever.. ' He said and walked up to his room. 

I just stood there looking at my feet before I felt someone hug me, Talia. 
I couldn't hold it in me anymore, he loved me. Maybe not now. What have I done.
I started sobbing my eyes out. 

' Im so sorry Katy. This shouldn't have happened. ' Liam said hugging me as well.
' I'll go talk to him. ' Niall said and walked upstairs.
I couldn't talk, I was sobbing like crazy. Niall came down again after a couple of minutes.

' Katy, he wants you to come upstairs to him. ' Niall said, I stood up and basically runned upstairs and in to his room.
He looked at me with the saddest face expression I've ever seen. I feel so guilty now. 
I started sobbing once again but infront of him this time. 
I looked down at my feet but I could hear him walking over to me. 
He hugged me and told me it was ok, but it didn't made me feel better.

' I'm so sorry. ' I said between every sob. 
' No, I am sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you or just left you there. You were just having fun. ' 
' I shouldn't be kidding with those things, I didn't think I meant so much to you already. ' I said
' Katy, like you heard down there, I do love you. I know it's early but I really do.. ' He said, it made me calm down.
I just liked standing there in his arms and not let him go.

I looked up at him and just smiled, he smiled back then he kissed me for a quite long time.

He stopped and just looked at me.
' Please, dont ever do that again. I dont want to lose my favorite girl. ' He said, it made me smile like a weirdo. 
' I wont. ' I said.

After just hugging eachother for an hour we decided to go downstairs. When we did Louis and Zayn was there as well.
They looked really worried. When we got down and they saw us holding hands, everyone just layed back in the couch and breathed out. 
' Thank god you didn't break up. You're my favorite couple! ' Niall said, I laughed and looked up at Harry.

We all decided to make dinner, something that everyone could make together.

Talia and I made salad, Niall and Harry were going around and basically just annoyed us.
Liam, Zayn and Louis tried to figure out about a recipy 
' Harry and Niall, you should help Liam, Zayn and Louis. ' I said to them not turning around from what I was doing.
After a while I realised that Niall and Harry was now helping them, good thing.

After finishing everything, we started cleaning up. Talia and I started singing, and it wasn't nice to listen to.
' You're hurting my ears. ' I heard Louis say while everyone else laughed, Niall looked like he was about to die.
' Niall, breath. ' I said and turned around again to clean. 

Suddenly I felt two strong hands hug me from behind, I knew who it was. 
He held around my waist and started kissing me on the cheek like crazy.
' I looooove you. ' He whispered in my ear. I turned around to look at him but when I did...
He kissed me instead of letting me say anything back. 

' Get a roooooom. ' Talia sang out, she's actually really good.
' You can sing! ' Niall yelled out. I started laughing. Everyone had their attention to Talia now.
Except Harry, he was still not letting me go. But he stared at her because she was talking.
I jumped up to get to his ear.
' I love you too. ' I said, he turned to me and just smiled like a freak, but it was cute.
' Im going to kiss her now, dont look! ' Harry said to everyone and then he kissed me. Everyone laughed but then they left the kitchen. It ended with me teasing Harry again of course, but this time, he let me go, hah. 

After hours of watching movies, eating like crazy. Basically it was Niall and Talia who ate the whole time. 
Talia actually called her mom to ask if she could stay over at their house tonight. Which made me a bit jealous.
She literally tried to make them see her and she kind off pushed me away if you know what I mean.
She's been talking for an hour now, Harry didn't pay attention to me anymore. I know I'm overreacting. 
After another hour with her getting all fun, I stood up and went to the kitchen just to get away. 

Does she ever shut up? ' I heard Zayn ask behind me. Thank god. I shaked my head.
' You're jealous. I can tell. ' He said, I just sighed.
' Harry's forgetting that I'm right next to him because of her, I know she likes him. I can tell, what if he chooses her instead of me? ' I asked worried. He came closer.
' Listen.. Harry is a flirt, I'm not going to lie Katy. He may flirt like hell a lot with her and anyone else. And if you're getting hell a jealous of it, then he's not worth it. ' Zayn said, he had a good point.
' I want to wait and see what happens first. ' I said smiling this time. He nodded. 
' Do that. ' He answered and got up again. I took his hand.
' Please stay, I wont go back in there. ' I said pulling him down to the floor again. He laughed.
' I'll stay if you want me to. ' He said.

After almost two hours sitting on the kitchen floor just talking and laughing with Zayn. We noticed that it wasn't any talking in the livingroom anymore, we got up and went in. Louis and Liam was sleeping. But nobody else was there. 
' Where's everyone else? ' Zayn asked, I was scared because Talia was with Harry. 
' I'll check the rooms. ' Zayn said and I nodded. I walked behind him to look in the bathrooms and stuff.
' What the fuck ! ' I heard Zayn say, I went over to see Talia's hands around Harry's neck and Harry's hands on her waist. Niall wasn't in there. I felt sick, humiliated, hurt. I runned downstairs and out the door. I runned home and in to my room. I knew this would happen, I knew it. 

My phone was ringing a lot. Everytime it was either Harry or Talia. But once I noticed it was Zayn I picked up.

- Katy, I'm outside you're house now. I found out where you lived. I have Niall with me. Louis and Liam is basically screaming at Harry and Talia by now. Come out? 
- Uh, Can't you come in? Im coming down to open up. 
- Sure. 

Then I hanged up and walked downstairs to unlock the door to see two sad faces.
' Im so sorry, It's my fault, I shouldn't have left them alone. ' Niall said guilty.
' No, Niall. It's not your fault. It's Harry's for letting her kiss him or whatever happend. '
' I could tell the moment you went to the kitchen something was up. ' Niall said, I faked a smile. 
' Can we come inside, you shouldn't be alone. ' Zayn said, I nodded then we all went inside. 

' Katy... I told you. ' Zayn said.
' I know you did, thank you. ' I said back, hugging him.

Niall still had that guilty face of his, so I walked over to him.
' Niall, It's not your fault at all. Don't think like that. ' I said, he nodded and gave me a hug.

Im glad my dad wasn't at home cus he would've asked what was wrong and blah blah blah. 
Zayn and Niall stayed until the next morning, none of us could actually sleep. 
But Harry never stopped calling me, at one point I did something I shouldn't have done.
' FUCKING STOP! ' I yelled and thowed my phone at the wall, it shattered and got broken. shit. I started crying again.
Niall and Zayn just hurried over to me and hugged me, and clearly hold me thight. When I ruin something. I can ruin myself. For some reason, I felt that they knew. I suddenly fell asleep with Niall and Zayn taking care of me.

I woke up in my bed the next morning, and I found Niall and Zayn on the floor sleeping. I love those guys, their so protective to me. 
The doorbell rang and everyone stood up. I was about to open the door when Niall dragged me away while Zayn opened it. Niall literally was hiding me but I could hear who it was.
' Where is she, I need to talk to her! ' I heard Talia say, I rolled my eyes.
' Well, you just showed her you're not a true friend, she doesnt want you here. So go. ' Niall said and then I heard the door slam closed and Zayn and Niall came back to me. 

' Thanks for getting her to leave, I hate her right now. ' I said, after a while the doorbell tang again. This time it was Harry. 
' Let me speak to her, please. ' I heard him say.
' Harry, you cheated. You expect her to want to talk to you? ' Niall asked.
' Yes! ' I heard Harry cry, it was so hard for me to not just run into his arms. But I couldn't.

I decided to go talk to him.
I came over to the door.
' What do you want? maybe hurt me a little more? cus if it's that. You can go fuck Talia. I dont care you asshole. ' I said.

I could literally hear Niall laugh behind me. 
' I wont hurt you again, she came onto me Katy! please believe me! ' 
' Well, it doesn't change the fact that you were holding her close to you. ' Zayn answered for me. 
' Common. Let's go. ' Niall said and dragged Harry away. Zayn closed the door and just hugged me.
' I know to see him was the last thing you needed. ' He said. 
' It's ok. ' I said back.

An hour or two Niall came back, he told me that Liam and Louis were at home with Harry, and they had kicked Talia out.
Harry wasn't allowed to leave the house. 

Zayn and Niall were so nice to me, they stayed at the house all day, and my dad was with som colleges he said. I bet there's a woman.






I was laying in the couch just watching tv with Niall while Zayn was on the mall to get something. 
' You tired? ' Niall asked me.
' Not really, but I'm hungry. ' I answered, Niall smiled.
' Then lets make something to eat! ' He yelled and pulled me of the couch.

We went in to the kitchen and decided to make pancakes.

And out of nowhere I got flour in my face.
' NIALL! You're going to pay for that! ' I said and throwed flour in his face.

At one point the whole kitchen was white like Niall and I. We started cleaning up, then we made the food.
He went to shower after we ate, and Zayn was still not back when I had showered after Niall.
' I'll text him. ' Niall said, he took his phone and texted him. Not long after he answered.
' Ha! The girls saw him, he cant leave until their gone. ' Niall said, that happens alot. I just laughed.

Niall? ' I asked.
' Yeah? '
' When are you guys leaving again? ' I asked.
' Not for a long time. We're staying for like two months, but we have a interview in a week though. This is the first brake for a long time where we've had so much time off. ' He said, I smiled. 
' I'm going to miss hanging around with you guys when you leave. I'm going to miss my flour buddy. ' I said.
Niall just hugged me and laughed.
' He's going to miss you as well. ' He said. 

I'm glad their staying for another 2 months. But what am I supposed to do? I can't ignore Harry the whole time.
This is going to be hard.




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