It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)




So sorry that I didn't update yesterday.
I hadn't been sleeping the night before, so I fell asleep
and I basically slept the whole day and night. So I have also work
today, So I'm updating quite late today! But it will be long since I didn't updatet
yesterday! So, I just wanted to say sorry, I feel kinda bad. I planed on sleeping
but not the whole day. Cus it's important for me to write to you guys when you like the story. I will atleast make it better by making a long chapter tonight. But it's going to take time to write it, so I hope you don't mind if it updates in the middle of the night or something. But then atleast, you'll know you've got something to read when you wake up! HAHA! 
Anywaaay, I hope you guys like this story so far! :-) I sure love writing it, I'm having fun. I even fangirl sometimes. Weird huh? :) And! If there's some wishes for the story! Just ask! Like, if you want Harry to date Kendall after all, just ask. Cus we need drama don't we? (: All I can say about the next chapter, is that It's going to be hell alot of drama!

Stay tuuuned! 

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