It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


7. Niall

Chapter 7
Katy's pov

After Niall told me that it hurted him to see me with Harry everything went confusing to me. I didn't want my bestfriend to be jealous. I'm not that kind of person who actually likes to see people hurt, maybe I use to say bad things about one. But I make sure that person doesn't hear me. Now, I don't know what I'm going to do. 

I followed Niall and sat down beside him.
' Can you please explain? ' I asked he nodded.
' I like you, and everytime Harry's here. I get jealous. I'm sorry. I never wanted it to be like that. ' He said.
' Don't worry. You cant control feelings. We'll just have to find you a girl. ' Nial
l's eyes widened.

' You serious right now? ' he asked and I just nodded.
' Yes, now, lets go to a party tonight and find someone! deal? ' I said
' Yeah fine, deal ' He answered

After an hour the rest of the boys were back and they wanted to join the party. 
Harry went around with his iPhone and started to take picture of me and Niall. Which was just annoying. 


He only got one photo before I took the camera away from him.
' Hey, I was using that babe. ' Harry said.
' Yeah, go take pictures of the others. ' I said and he went to take pictures of Liam, Zayn and Louis. 

Once we got to the party, there was a lot of girls there who just stared at the boys, some come over and asked for a picture or a autograph. 

Suddenly I got pushed away from the boys, wow. These girls are dead to me already. 
Niall and Harry pushed the girls away to help me up again.

' Harry! Why are you helping her?! ' someone asked.
' Is she your girlfriend? Niall why are you helping her as well?! she looks like a slut ' someone else said, that pissed me off. Harry turned around to the girl and literally yelled her in her face. 
' Im sorry. ' she said and runned away

' Common, lets get a girl for you Horan! ' I yelled and got inside, there was a lot of girls. but everyone fangirled when Niall came up to them. 
' Katy, I appericate that you're trying to help me. But these girls don't want the boy Niall Horan, they want the star. ' He said looking down.
' Then their stupid, cus the boy Niall is better then the star. ' I said, at first he was confused but he smiled.

Uhm, excuse me? ' we heard a voice behind Niall say.
' yeah? ' Niall asked.
' I accidently overheard you conversation and I just wanted to let you know that I'm willing to get to know the boy Niall Horan. ' she said, I know where this is headed. Niall turned around and looked at me. I nodded. Then he walked away with the girl. I'm good. Now I just have to find the other guys.

Once I found them I sat down beside Harry, he put an arm around me and I just wanted to go home. I was so sleepy.
' It was really nice of you to do this for him. ' Harry said kissing my cheek, I smiled. 

Out of nowhere, Harry started doing this. That teased me... A LOT. 
' I can make you feel so good. ' He whispers in my ear. He turns me on... But, when he touches my V, I push his hand away.
' Not here Harry. ' I said. 
' Lets go home then! ' He said, I nodded. Then we left the others.

Shitty chapter I know! I decided to either make another chapter tonight or tomorrow of what happens with Harry and Katy at home or I'll just skip that part. I dont know yet. I hope you guys like it so far! :-)


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