It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


18. Louis


Chapter 18

Katy's pov


Today, I woke up in the most normal way ever in the house of 1D... I woke up by all the guys jumping in the bed, shouting, singing, speaking ... I looked over to Harry's spot, he's still asleep with his pillow over his head, he's a hell monster in the mornings, he's hard to get up. 
I threw a pillow at Louis's face and he lost his balance and fell backwards then hit his head. Everyone jumped off the bed and over to Louis who was laying almost lifeless on the floor.

' OH MY GOD, LOUIS ARE YOU OK! ' Zayn shouted, I jumped down to the floor and put Louis's head in my lap and tried to wake him.

' Louis, wake up! Louis, if you can hear me! Please, wake up! ' I said almost crying, this was my fault. 

' Louis! WAKE UP! ' I said starting to sob, I could see Harry looking at Zayn and Zayn nodded at Harry, the next thing I knew I was pulled away.

' NO! PLEASE, LOUIS! WAKE UP! ' I yelled the loudest I could. 

Harry sat me down outside the room and held me in his arms. 

' He's going to be ok, relax Katy. It wasn't you're fault. ' Harry said

' Yes it was. I through that pillow at him, it's my fault. ' I sobbed into Harry's chest. 
Harry sighed and held me tight.

Everyone sat in the waiting room in the hospital just waiting for the doctor to give us good or bad news... 

I was laying with my head in Harry's lap while he played with my hair to calm me down, I've been a total mess after what happend, it was my fault. But I didn't think he'd fall. 

A moment later it came a lady and a girl running inside, I suppose Louis's mom and sister.. I thought he had more than one sister.

I smiled at them, but I didn't get any smile back. What I got is a thing you NEVER want. The blame.

' We heard what happened! you should be so ashamed! ' Louis's mom said
( I don't have anything against her either, hello dramaa )

' Yeah, I do. Because it was my fault. ' I answered coldly, she just rolled her eyes and talked to her daughter. 

' She's just scared that something happens to Louis. She's usually nice. ' Niall whispered.
I nodded, and watched Louis's sister walking towards me. 

' Hi, I'm so sorry about my mom, she's just scared of losing him. It was not your fault ok? I know that Louis would kick your ass if he knew you took the blame. ' She said, I never really knew her name. 

' Yeah.. I feel like I hurted him, so. But your mom's right though,, ' I said, she just looked down.

' Oh, I'm Lottie by the way. ' She said smiling and shaked my hand.

' Katy. ' I said, and her eyes widened over to Harry.

' Aaah, future Mrs.Styles huh? ' She said, I blushed and looked at Harry, he wasn't even looking our way. 

' One day, I hope. ' I said, and then the doctor came out of the room again.

' Louis is stable, and awake. So you guys can go see him now. ' the doctor said, and by that we all went inside the room to see Louis awake, it was really nice to see him alive. 

Everyone hugged him and said hello except me, I felt too guilty..

Louis looked over at me, I could tell by his face expression that he noticed something was wrong.

' Hey, can you guys leave me here a little with Katy? ' Louis asked, shit, he's going to yell at me now. 

Everyone nodded and went outside, and we sat there in totally silence before he speaked.

' Come over here. I don't bite. I need my hug from my bestie. ' Louis said, I could feel the tears push through my eyes, I did this. I hurt my bestfriend. I'm a horrible person. 

' Katy? are you ok? ' Louis asked, I bet he saw the tears. I just shaked my head and started to sob. I could literally hear the bed moving, and then strong arms around me.

' Katy, what's going on? ' Louis asked all worried. I looked up at him.

' I feel so guilty for hitting you, I didn't mean this to happen, it was for fun. I just, what if you died. It'll be my fault! ' I said almost yelling, he smiled and laughed, I bet he thought it was worse.

' Listen, it wasn't your fault, it wasn't my fault, it was nobody's fault ok? You wanted to have some fun, I didn't see it coming and I fell, that's it. Nothing's your fault Katy. Ok? ' Louis said, I looked up at him and nodded. Then he smiled.

' Well, im still waiting for my hug though. ' He said, I laughed and hugged him for a long time.

' You scared the shit out of me ' I said and he started laughing hysterically. 

After a long day, we all got home except Louis, he needed to stay another night. 

I went upstairs once we got inside the house and just layed down in me and Harry's bed. I looked at the wall, I still feel guilty. It was my fault..

I heard the door open.

' Harry, I'm not in a mood of talking. ' I said, no response but the footsteps stopped. 

I got up.

' Harry, I said I- ' I looked over at the figure by the doorway and I was angry the moment I saw her, she betrayed me. My very own bestfriend.... Talia, was standing in the same room as me waiting for me to say something, I'd rather hit her or something.


So sorry it took a while to publish, because I was writing and had problems with
what I should write, but now this chapter is done, and the next will be good
since Talia's back and there will be a lot of drama. 
So, I was actually wondering. 
Do you guys like to see Harry and Katy as a couple? 
Or Niall and Katy? 
Tell me what you think! :-)

Stay tuuuned



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