It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


1. Just a normal day, is all I asked for.




I want to thank you now for actually reading this.
I know it may not be so good, I'm not a great writer.
But I hope it's good enough at least. :-)

The pov's will be Katy's and the boys of 1D will appear sometimes as well.
If there's anything more left I have to say it's that in the beginning, Katy says alot
of rude things about One Direction, and you all have to know that I don't hate One Direction at all, I love them. But I need to make sure that you guys can see Katy as an 1D hater. So I hope you guys understand that the shit that Katy says about One Direction isn't true!

Well, That's it! 
Have fun reading you guys!





Just a normal day, is all I asked for.




I woke up by an annoying screaming outside my window, what the f*ck is it with people screaming lately! I got up from my bed and looked out the window, to see like a line of girls and the line went down the city, what is going on? 

I called my friend Talia and told her about it and she kind off freaked out, which I dont know why.

' Freaking jesus, One Direction is in town! and their summer house is near you, Katy!! ' She yelled.

' You've got to be kidding me! I don't want them here! They suck! ' I said, Talia went silent. 

' Talia? You still alive? '

' They don't suck! What's wrong with you? ' She said, that made me mad.

' Nothing! I'm just not like you guys! I hate the boyband! Realise it and agree with it! ' I said hanging up.

Oh my god, that girl hates the moment I say something bad about One Direction, she acts like she knows them, or worse... OWS THEM! Which she doesn't, she never will either so get over it..
I walked downstairs to get breakfast when I noticed, we don't got any food. Great...

I grabbed my mom's wallet and took out money and headed out the street where the girls where standing, it was literally hard to get through, they pushed me here and there and just were a complete asshole to me.. That's what you get in this town, fuckers all of them. 

Once I finally got to the shop, I went inside. It was awkwardly silence inside the shop.
' Hey! you can't be here! ' The shop worker said to me, I was about to answer when a blonde haired guy came out of a room where I assume their taking lunch breaks. 

' It's ok. She can be here, follow me. ' the blonde haired guy said, he looked so familiar, but where had I seen him? I decided to not make any problems and just follow him. Once I got inside the 'break room' I just rolled my eyes.

' You've got to be kidding me! ' I said, the curly brown haired guy raised an eyebrow which I bet is the one called Harry. I know this because Talia's crazy about him.

' Wow, not a fan I guess? ' Harry asked. I shaked my head at him 
' Never will either. ' I said, he just laughed. Why did he laugh? 

I was about to walk out when the blonde hair guy took my hand.
' You can't leave now, the girls might find out we're here. You'll have to stay '
' What?! I have to stay here with 5 dickheads? wow, fuck life. ' I said and everyone laughed...Again! 

' What so funny?! ' 
' You! You clearly hate us, it's kind of cute. ' A black haired guy said, I couldn't remember his name. I just looked weird at them, their even weirder than I thought... Freaking god. 
' So... How long do I have to stay here?.. ' I asked

' Well, until the girls calm down, they wont stay there all night. When we can leave, you can. ' Harry said smiling, how could he possibly smile at me? god I hate him the most.

' Well, can I atleast buy something? Im starving to death ' I asked the guy who worked there.
He nodded and walked with me back to the shop. But Harry came running after us, idiot.

' I'll pay for it. ' Harry said, nope, he's not ever doing that.
' Rather not! I can easy pay for my own food....Thanks. ' I said
' Why are you playing so hard? c'mon! ' He said, I just nodded.
' Whatever... ' I said and the next thing I knew, he payed for it. Fuck, why did I even let him. 

Hours and hours went by and the more I actually was there with them, I just started to open up a little and I wasn't as rude to them as I were before, their actually not so bad. 

' When I was little,  where I lived back then, there was a nice big yard there. And at night, my mom and I used to just lay down on our backs, watch the stars, and talk about our day. I miss that. ' I said, getting tears in my eyes. 

' Sounds nice, how come you not do it anymore? ' Louis asked. I knew that question would come.

' She... She died 2 years ago in a car accident... ' I said, not stopping myself from crying. That's the whole reason why I am so stubborn. I don't let people in. I've locked my self inside after mom died. I haven't been crying even, and now.. I can't fight back. 
Harry and Niall came over and started to hug me and said sorry and stuff, it felt good to have somebody.

' I'm really sorry for being a bitch earlier.. ' I said to them but I looked at Harry.
' No problem, we understand. ' Liam said making me look at him, I just smiled.

' Hey, here's my number. Call us if you need anything ok? maybe you want to come over tomorrow night? we are going to have a pool party, and I think you'll need a little party. ' Louis said. I smiled. 

' You're right Louis, I do need it. Thank you. ' I said and gave him my phone so that he could take his number in it. He sent it around to the other lads. When I got it back I looked at my contact, and I literally burst out laughing when I saw what Harry had called himself.

' My future husband, Harry. ' I read from the contact, I looked at Harry and just shaked my head.
He just smiled, but no one else understood what was going on. 

An hour later the guy who worked there came inside the break room and smiled.
' The girls are gone now, you can go home now! ' He said. I smiled.
' Thanks for letting us stay here, we owe you! ' Liam said to the guy. I walked out of the break room and was about to head to the door when someone stopped me. 

' Wait, you're coming tomorrow right? I will call you all the time if not. ' He said. 

' Yes, I will be there Harry. Relax maan. ' I said in a weird voice. But he took it good by laughing.

' Great, I'll... We'll see you then! ' He said and he hugged me. Why I dont understand.
After came the 4 others lads and they hugged me as well.

' See you tomorrow! ' They all said. Then I headed home. What a crazy day.

I know I actually hate the guys, but I actually liked hanging out with them.
Their not so bad after all. 





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