It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


21. I love you more then words can describe.

Chapter 21
I love you more then words can describe
Harry's pov


It's been 1 week now since Katy got hurt and she still hasn't woke up. I'm freaking out, I'm so scared that she'll going to die, the last thing we did was to fight, scream things in eachother face. I regret it. I love Katy more then anything, she was right, I should never let Talia boss over me like that. I hurt Katy... 

The lads and me and Katy's dad were in the room where Katy has been the last week. No sign of movements or anything... I was talking to Liam and Niall about memories with Katy, they usually made us all smile.

' Oh my god, Katy! DOCTOR!!! ' I heard her dad say, I never caught his name.. 

I hurried over to the bed to see Katy looking at her father and smiled a little. 

A doctor came in and checked on Katy, then he smiled.
' Seems like you're good. That's great! ' The doctor said, he didn't look to sure. 

I walked over to the boys to give Katy and her dad some space, Katy looked over at us, and we smiled at her. No smile back. She just looked at us with this really confusing look of her's. 
I think I know what this is... It can't be..

' Uhm, what are One Direction doing in my room? why are they here? ' Katy asked, I could hear Niall gasp. I looked at them shocked, then at the doctor, he looked shocked as well..

Niall walked over to her bed and took her hand, I was jealous, but now is not the time to be. 

' Katy, the last few months you've been hanging around with us. ' Niall said, and she basically raised her eyebrow and jacked her hand away from Niall...

' I would never, I don't like you guys! ' she said, and my heart broke. She can't remember to meet us, which means.. She still hates us.. 

' Uhm, I'll give you guys some space. ' the doctor said and walked out of the room.

I walked over to Katy and looked her in her eyes. 
' I know you can't remember meeting us, but we can, and to me.. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Katy. I wish I had told you sooner. I know you can't remember what happened between me and you, but I'm sorry. ' I said almost crying. She looked at me with sad eyes, I was prepared for her to say something like ' Ew, I would never date you '. But she never said that.

' Sorry I can't remember it. ' she said with her weak voice. I took her hand and kissed it. She literally just blushed, it's so cute. I walked back and let the boys try to fresh up her memory, I couldn't handle it. It was just so hard to get it in that she doesn't remember me like she used to know me. I know she's not one of those crazy fan's who are out to date Harry the celebrity Styles, because.. She used to hate all of us, she met us and got to know us, and then she just started to like us for who we are, not what we are. 

I sat down on a chair outside the room and had my head in my hands, when someone tapped my shoulder, I looked up to see her dad sit down next to me. 

' I know she really loved you, Harry. ' he said, it broke me even more, I hurt her so bad.. 

' I wish there was something I could do to get her to remember. ' I said looking down at my feet.

' I suppose you don't want her to remember everything? ' He said, he knew everything I guess.

' Actually, I do want her to remember everything. Because if we had to start all over, it would never be the same like it was. ' I said, her dad smiled at me and nodded.

' Oh, and my name is Sam. ' He said, finally. 

' Nice to finally meet you Sam. ' I said smiling. 

' Shall we go inside? ' He said, I nodded. 

When we got inside Katy were laughing with the lads, I missed her laugh. 

She looked over at us, and smiled at me. Does she remember? 

' Louis told me a lot about me and you, Harry. ' she said, I smiled back. Then my smile just faded. I looked away and sat down in a chair and took my face in my hands. Everyone went completely silence. 

I heard a bed move, then someone walking over to me. I looked up to see the most beautiful girl ever standing infront of me, she was just smiling. 

' Harry, I'm sorry. ' She said, I nodded. Suddenly she sat down on my lap. I think she's just kidding about this 'can't remember' part.

' Are you sure you cant remember? ' I said smiling waiting for her to say that she was joking. 

She looked at her hands, and nodded. 

' I can't remember anything else then I used to hate all of you. But then when you were out, they told me everything, and I remember some of it. I remember I stopped hating on you, I started to like you, and stuff. but, I don't remember... Us.. I want to though. ' She said. My heart broke, she couldn't remember what we had.. 

' I guess it's ok. ' I said not even looking at her. She took her hand to my cheek and made me look at her. 

' Please, don't be sad. ' She nearly whispered. I stood up, almost making her fall, but I catched her before that even happened. 

' How can I not be sad, Katy?! I love you, and I did from the first moment I saw you! We had our fights about nearly everything! But we always fixed it! You love me, or... You used to, the point is! I can't be happy when my girl doesn't even remember me or what we had! Im sorry! ' I nearly yelled, I looked at her face, it had no emotion at all. I just shaked my head and walked out of the room and out of the hospital. I broke totally. 

Niall's pov

We all heard everything Harry said to Katy, he was crying and I just wanted to hug him and support him. 

Katy was just standing there not saying a word back to him. She didn't move when he walked out of the room either. I walked over to her, to see something I didn't expect her to do. She was crying.

' Katy, is everything ok? ' I asked her, and he immidiatly just hugged me and sobbed. I looked over to the lads, and they just gave me a ' i dont know ' look. But, I miss her hugs, I really do. 

' I feel so guilty for not remember him, Niall. He must hate me. ' She sobbed. 

' He wont ever hate you, Katy. He loves you more than words can describe. ' I said, she went completely silent and I literally thought she wasn't breathing or something. 

She looked up at me with shocked eyes. Whaaat is going on! 

' What? ' I asked shocked, she started to smile, and I don't get what's happening.. 

' NIALL! ' she yelled and hugged me with one of those bear hugs like she used to. She remembers! 

' Oh my god, you scared me... ' I said.

' I'm sorry.. ' She said and smiled. 

Everyone else went over to us to hug her and stuff, when I decided that I needed to call Harry.

I walked out of the room and dialed Harry's number.
( h-harry, n-niall )

H- yeah? 
N- guess who's themself's again! 
H- Who? 
N- Katy, she remembers. 
H- cool. 
N- You ok? 
H- no..
N- Hey, you'll be better if you come back here. 
H- I will come back, but she probably still hates me. 
N- No, she doesn't.. Just come back. 
H- Fine, bye.

Then he hanged up, I walked inside the room again to find Katy laughing.

' It was weird to not remember anything. ' She said looking at me. 

' Can I talk to you for a sec, Katy? ' I asked, she nodded and walked over to me.

' Listen, Harry's on his way., I don't know if you hate him or anything. But please, don't yell at him. ' I said, she smiled.

' I remember what he did, but I also remember what he said to me earlier about loving me and stuff, I don't hate him at all, I love him. I want him here. ' She said, that made me smile. Even though I didn't want her to date Harry, I knew none of them would be who they are without eachother.

Soon after the door opened and Harry came inside with those red, puffy eyes of his. He had been crying. Katy walked over to him, and me and the lads were to far away to hear anything. But they talked and then they hugged. I smiled.

Harry's pov

Once I came inside the room again, Katy came over to me.

' I'm sorry, Harry. ' she said taking my hand in her's. 

' No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled at you, It's not you're fault. '

' It is, but I dont hate you, I love you. ' She said, I didn't have any words to say, I was so relieved. 

I hugged her, and whispered in her ear. 

' I love you more than words can describe '

I could feel her smiling, then I hugged her even tighter. 
Im so happy she's back. It felt like I lost half of me when she didn't remember me.






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