It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


6. Getting better



Chapter 6

Getting better

Katy's pov


It's been a week since the thing between Harry and Talia happend, I'm starting to let it go even though I shouldn't.
I miss my Harry. I miss him trying to be funny, but I still laugh at what he says. I just miss the fun we had, I can't take the pressure anymore.

Niall and Zayn has been to big help for me though, their like my two big brothers! Niall though, there's something different there, but I don't know. I have a different bond with him then the others. He's the one I can come cry to anytime, unlike the others. I'm not ready for that someway yet. 

I was literally crying on Niall's shoulder now, I missed Harry more then ever. I wanted him back. 

' Do you want to see him? ' Niall asked me while comforting me.
' I really do, Nialler. ' I answered.

He sighed and looked around then back at me.
' I'll text him to come over, would that make it better? ' He said, I lifted my head up and just nodded.
' Yeah, I want to see him. ' I said and stopped the crying.
' Here, text him yourself. ' Niall smiled and gave me his phone since my was broken. He got up and kissed my head and left me in the livingroom, I called him, and just hearing his voice again made me smile.

- Hello? 
- Hi.
- K-Katy??
- Yeah, hi Harry
- Oh my god.. I am so sorry, please let me explain.
- I dont care. Can you please come over. 
- Sure. I'll be there in 10minutes. 
- K, bye
- Bye. 

After hanging up I just sat there and waited and waited, that's the longest 10 minutes of my life. god. 
It knocked on the door and my nerves just went crazy.
I opened the door and saw the boy I hadn't seen in a week.

' Katy. It's so good to see you. ' Harry said while he sat down on the couch. I did my best not to start to sob, I miss him so freaking much.... I cant even describe how much. 
' Yeah. You too. ' I answered looking down at my feet, I do that alot. 
' I can explain. ' He said, I just nodded.
' It started with here talking downstairs, and I'm sorry that I didn't noticed you, but I did when you left. I was about to follow you but Talia stopped me. Then Zayn went and I didn't think about that anymore. Then you were gone for an hour and I started to wonder what was going on.. But Talia basically dragged me and Niall upstairs cus she wanted us to sing for her when she was going to sleep. When we got upstairs Niall had to go to the toilet. She kissed me all of a sudden and that's when you came in. My hands were on her waist because that's when I tried to push her away. I would never ever in my life kiss her back, Katy. It's you and only you. ' Harry said, it all came clear out to me now. It was never Harry who was the bad guy here, it was Talia.

' I missed you. '  I sobbed out. 
' I missed you too. ' Harry answered. 
That's when I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped in his arms and just hugged him thight. I never leaving that boy again.
He's got this power over me, I cant NOT have him around me. I need him. 
' I need you ' I nearly whispered, but he heard it. 
' Then stay. ' He answered, he hugged me so thight but I didnt mind.
' I will ' I said, I could feel him smile. I let go of him a little bit so move a bit from the hug to kiss him.
I looked in to his eyes and just laughed because we were two crying trolls. 
' Even when you cry. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. ' Harry said making me blush.
' I love you so much ' I said, it kinda slipped out of me but it was true. Harry smiled big.
' I love you too ' he answered, then he kissed me. I missed that kiss so much. I missed him. 

' No freaking way in hell am I going to not talk to you again. It's hell without you. ' I said, he laughed.
' It sure is. ' He said pulling me on his lap. We just smiled at eachother.

' Well, I see that your together again. Thats about time. ' I heard Louis's voice I turned around to see the lads... And Talia. 
' Yes, and what is she doing here? ' I asked them pointing at Talia.
It's weird cus Harry took the hand I was pointing with and started kissing it. He's so charming. 
' She saw Harry come in here and we stopped her though. ' Niall smiled. I smiled back. I got off Harry's lap which I didn't want to do in the first place and walked over to Talia, I stood face to face with her.

' Do you care about your friends? ' I asked, she only nodded.
' Well, you have a stupid way of showing it. I have cried my eyes out, nearly hurt myself because of YOU! So you're not even my friend after what you've done. Get the hell out of my house. ' I said, she didn't hesitate, she just left.
' You almost hurt yourself? ' I heard Harry say. I nodded.
' yeah. ' I said, he hugged me.
' Don't ever hurt yourself. ' He said, I nodded.
' I wont do it again. ' I said.

Hours and hours went by with everyone just talking and yelling because everyone tries to talk at the same time.
' Sooo... Zayn, I heard you on the phone yesterday. Sounded like you liked the person you talked to. ' Niall suddenly says and everyone is quiet and looks at Zayn. He glares at Niall.
' What, it's not my fault they decided to stay quiet now! ' He said and fake cried.
' Who is she? ' Louis asked Zayn.
' I wont say before I know it's true, if you know what I mean. ' He said, I nodded.
' Dude, you suck. I want to know ' Harry said, I basically hit him in the arm.
' OW! ' He yelled, Zayn laughed and Niall too. 
' That's our bestfriend, good work. ' Liam said.

' Now, I want everyone to tell if there's some love in their life, I need to know! ' I said.
Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry raised their hand, I just glared at Harry, like I didn't know he dates me.
' Niall? ' I asked.
' What? Im perfectly fine, me, myself and my food. ' he said and ate a pizza. Where it came from I dont know.
Everyone laughed and just shaked their heads because of Niall's obsession of food. It's funny as hell. 

' Care to share? ' I asked, he just glared at me with the most weirdest expression on his face. Never seen it before.
' Babe, you dont ask Niall Horan to share his food. He never shares. ' Harry said, that's what I thought.
' Too bad, then I wont share my icecream with him. But does anybody else want some? ' I said. And as I thought, Niall gave me pizza just to get icecream. That boy is smart though. 

Later that day, everyone except me and Niall went to the mall. They would be gone for a while. I bet their going to get locked inside this time as well. 

Niall and I just stared at the TV with a plate of pizza and soda. I quite suprised he shared the food with me this time, I didn't even ask, he just gave. I bet he wanted more ice cream. Yeah, it's probably why.
' Want more ice cream? ' 
' Oh hell no, I'm going to explode. ' He answered, what... 
' Suit yourself. ' I said and got up to get more ice cream for myself. 

While working my ass of to get some ice cream out of that box I felt two hands around my waist. I panicked at first.
But then I remembered, it's only one person who does that. 
' You're back earl- Niall freaking jesus god you scared me! ' I was completely wrong, it was Niall.... 
' Ha, sorry. ' He laughed still not letting me go.
' Uhm, Niall. What are you doing? ' I asked
' Hugging my bestfriend, it's nice to see you happy. ' This is just weird.
' Niall, what's going on? ' 
' Nothing! God! why does it have to be something going on! ' He said and hurried upstairs.
' Niall! dont be like this! ' I yelled, what the hell. He did the exact same thing as Harry did to me a week ago, running away from me. People use to do that a lot lately.

I walked up the stairs and to Niall's room. I heard sobbing and walked inside to find Niall in tears. I rushed over to him. 
' Niall, what's wrong? ' I asked, I noticed it was something.
' I just... nevermind. ' Niall said, now I was starting to get annoyed.
' Niall. It hurts me to see you like this! I need you to tell me what's going on! ' I yelled.
' Yeah, and it hurts me to see you with Harry, there I said it. ' what...? 





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