It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


17. Fights doesn't solve anything

'Chapter 17
  Fights doesn't solve anything
Katy's pov


Today... I woke up by the most scariest and loudest yelling I've ever heard. 
I could hear by the voice that it was Niall, he didn't sound happy at all. 

I got up from bed and took my clothes on, I walked out the door, and the yelling just came closer and closer. Once I almost was down the stairs, another person started yelling. The person made me stop completely.... Harry.

' I DON'T CARE, I HAD HER FIRST! ' I heard Harry yell. Who?

' It doesn't even matter if you had her first, she belongs to me! ' Niall screamed. I jumped a little.

' FUCK NIALL! Turn you're voice down, you're going to wake her! ' Harry said. I walked down.

' Too bad you already woke me up then. What the hell is going on?! ' I yell at them, they both turn silence and just stare at me.

' Oh, so now you're going to be silence? Well.., Fine, NOT! I need an explaination right here, right now! ' I said as serious as possible. 

' Well, Niall likes you and he wants you. But you're mine so- ' Harry started, but Niall interupted.

' NO! she's mi- ' 


' Ok... We're sorry.... ' Harry whispered, hah. That's not going to work. 

' That's not enough Harry. You're in a band together for god's sake! Why are you letting a stupid girl come between you? ' I asked them. 

' You're not stupid. ' They said at the same time.

' Yes. I am. I was stupid for even moving in with you guys. I've just ruined you're friendship! Im leaving. Goodbye. ' I said as I walked out the door. Niall and Harry yelled at me a couple of times, but I ignored them. This is just stupid.

Harry's pov

' Yes. I am. I was stupid for even moving in with you guys. I've just ruined you're friendship! Im leaving. Goodbye ' Katy said then went out the door, I runned after and tried to yell at her but couldn't get her to turn around. Fuck.

' Great, see what you've done! ' Niall suddenly says.

' Well, I didn't do it alone. ' I said snapping back at him.

After hours of waiting for Katy to come inside the house again. The door finally went open, me and Niall hurried over to the door. But, there was no Katy. Only Louis, Zayn and Liam. 

' Harry pissed off Katy, so she left. ' Niall said, what?! 

' No, I didn't. ' I said, I was literally about to hit the actual life out of him, but I knew that if Katy found out, she would've hated me.

I went up to my room while Niall talked to the boys, probably talking shit about me.

I took out my phone and saw 1 unread text message... From Katy.

From: Katy

Harry... I'm really dissapointed in both of you, mostly Niall for not letting me go and just make it all go out to you, if you know what I mean... But you could've stopped him! You could've told him easily that me and him would always just be friends! but then you came up with ' She was mine first '. That's the stupidest thing you could ever do, Harry! I just need some time from both of you. I'm coming back when I feel like talking to you again. Bye. 

After reading what she wrote. I broke down, I did this. I just lost my girl again... 

I started sobbing fucking loud, Louis came in the room and I stopped immidiatly.

' GO AWAY! ' I yelled at him and then hiding my face in a pillow. 

' Harry... We're not taking sides. But you can't let Katy come between you! You understand she didn't want that either, that's why she left... ' Louis said. 

' Yeah, she broke up with me too. ' I said calming down. Louis come over and hugged me.

' She'll come back. ' He said, I just nodded..






After hours and hours waiting for Katy, she still hasn't came back. Niall and I have made up, we're friends again. That's a good thing though.

' I seriously hope she comes back... ' Zayn said making us all stare at him with wide eyes.

' What- NO! I don't like her, she's like my sister.. Im worried. ' Zayn said again making all look away from him. 

I sighed and looked at Niall. 

' Should we look for her? ' I asked him, he was about to answer when Liam did first.

' No! that might make it all even worse, give her time. That's what she needs. She'll come back when she wants to. ' Liam said, I nodded and so did everyone else. No wonder he's daddy direction. 

Katy's pov

I just told my dad everything. I kinda had to... 

' Sweety.. I know this is though, but you need to go back sometime and make up with them. ' dad said.

' Yeah, I know. It's just hard when my bestfriend and boyfriend is bestfriends and in a band together and I'm the reason they fight and becomes frenemies. ' I answered and put on a fake smile. 

' I know. Tell you what, you go up, get some rest and I'll make something good and then we'll have a fun night, just you and me. Daddy and daughter time? ' He said, I smiled for real this time. We always use to have those nights when something was wrong, and after my mom dies we always used to have those nights and we bonded even more. Then he got a job and started to never being at home... 

I nodded really fast, making him laugh. 

' Good, now. Go upstairs and get some rest. I'll wake you if you fall asleep. ' He said and kissed my forehead. 

I walked upstairs to my room, I smiled at the look of my old room. I haven't slept in that bed for ages. 

I layed down and was nearly asleep already, but my phone woke me up again. It vibrated.
It was a text from Harry. 

From: Harry

Katy. I know you're mad at us. I wanted to say that Niall and I are friends again. We're just waiting for you to return. Niall says he wont come between you and I. I just hope you want me back after this. I can't even explain how sad I was when you broke up because of this, I feel so guilty..... 

I literally got chocked by my own spit or something... I never broke up, I needed time. I needed to call him to tell him.. 

H: Katy?! 
K: Yes, it's me. Har-
H: Oh my god, are you okay? 
K: Yes, but listen Harry, I never broke up 
H: What? I thought you did
K: I ment I needed some time. 
H: Oh.. When are you like.. Coming back? 
K: I don't know, Harry. Just let me have some time to think. I need to go anyway, bye. 
H: Bye love.. 

The truth is I didn't need to go, I had to because the tears streaming down my face made me cry even more, no way in hell I was crying over phone with Harry. 

I walked downstairs not wanting to sleep, to see my dad by the kitchen making pancakes. He saw me and came over and just gave me a really comforting hug. 

' It's going to be ok, babygirl. ' Woow! I'm not a baby.... 

' Dad! ' I said smiling, clearly not making it sound like I was serious. 

' What? You'll always be my babygirl, Katy. ' He said, I smiled, he was right. 

' Yeah. I know. ' I said kissing his cheek and walked to the livingroom and sat down. 

I'm glad I have one person to talk to when I need it, one who always has the best words to say. My dad.

After watching like 5 movies my dad had fallen asleep like he usually does. I had be thinking alot and I decided I needed to go back. I couldn't take it anymore. I guess you're thinking now that I'm going back first thing tomorrow. But no. 

I woke dad up. 

' Dad, Im going back. ' I said, he nodded and kissed my forehead and layed back down. Typical dad. 

I walked out to the hallway, took my shoes on, and walked out in the complete dark. 
I started running until I was infront of their house. I was suprised every light was on. It was like 1 in the middle of the night. 

I walked up to the door, and knocked on it. Soon after Liam opened the door. 
' Hi, you're back! everyone else is asleep. I was not aloud though. ' Liam said and huggged me.
I laughed a little, it was cute. 

' Come in, it's freazing outside! ' Liam said, and I though it was kinda warm outside but okay. 

I walked inside to find 4 boys sleeping under blankets. 

' Boys! ' Liam shouted so loud that I jumped. 

Niall opened his eyes and just looked at Liam then at me and his eyes widened and he literally kicked Harry to wake him. 

' OW! WHA- KATY! ' Harry shouted and jumped out of the couch and came over to hug me. 

It lasted for a long long time, and while we hugged... He said ' I'm sorry ' like 40 times. 

' Harry, it's ok. ' I whispered back.

' Stop! We all want to hug her! ' Zayn yelled, making me laugh. 

Harry let me go, and Zayn came over.

' My sis! ' He yelled. 

' My big bro! ' I yelled back and hugged him.

' Please, never walk away again. I was worried! ' He said backing away.

' I'm sorry. ' I said, he ruffled my hair and walked away.

' Hi there ' Louis said and hugged me. He just said he was glad I was back and walked away. Then it was Niall who just was standing there, not even looking at me. 

I walked over to him. 

' You know... I said we'll always be bestfriends, no matter what happened. I still think so. ' I said. He smiled at me and hugged me. 

' I'm really sorry. ' he whispered in my ear.

' It's ok. ' I answered and backed away retrieving a smile from everyone.

' So.. You're moving back? ' Harry asked, and yes. I could see him crossing his fingers. Funny.

' Yes Harry, funny thing you're crossing you're fingers. ' I said and he went all tomato.

' Great! Im going to bed ' Liam yelled and rushed upstairs followed by Louis and Zayn. 

' Goodnight! ' They yelled. 

' Goodnight ' I answered. I turned around and jumped when I saw Harry and Niall.

' Jeez! ' I said.

' Sorry ' They both said looking down, not smiling. 

' Hey, forget about it, ok? it's fine. ' I said. Niall smiled and hugged me. 

' Goodnight. ' he said, and let me go and walked to his room, leaving me there with Harry.

Harry walked over to me and put his hands in my.

' So.. we're still together? ' he asked nervous. 

' Yes. I never broke up, Harry. ' I said smiling. He smiled and kissed me.

' I'm really sorry. ' he said 

' Once again, it's ok. ' I said for the last time I hoped. 

Then we walked upstairs to the bedroom and was ready to get some sleep. 

I fell asleep in his arms, but I'm sure I heard him say ' I love you '






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