It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


8. Completely in love

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    Chapter 8 

Completely in love

Katy's pov


I woke up pretty late today with an massive headache, and with an naked Harry next to me. I don't remember anything from yesterday, it's all a blur to me.
' Morning beautiful ' Harry said smiling at me. I smiled back.
' Morning. So did we.. do it, last night? ' I asked, when he shaked his head I laughed a little.
' Then why are you naked? ' I laughed.
' Because you told me to, then you started blowing and you fell asleep while you did it. ' He said, my smile faded. Omg, that's emberassing. 
' OH... ' I said and hidden my face in my hands.
' I thought it was cute though babe. Don't hide that beautiful face of yours! ' He said and took my hands away from my face.
' Oh my god, that's so freaking emberassing! ' I said laughing. He laughed as well.
' Cute. Common let's go downstairs to the others before they start wondering if we're having morning sex. '  Harry said, I raised an eyebrow and pulled him back down.
' What if... we give them a reason to think we're doing it?.. ' I asked, he laughed.
' Look, babe. I want to do it when it's romantic, not when their home. I want it to be us, only you and I. If we do it now, their gonna knock on the door just to interupt.. ' Harry said. Oh.
' Oh. ' I said, he nodded.
' Let's go! ' He said jumping off the bed. It's weird how much I wanted him right now, and I was sleepy.. Weeird.

After we ate some breakfast with the lads, we decided to just stay home and be lazy all day. 
While Harry and Zayn struggled about making dinner Niall, Louis, Liam and I were playing video games, it's actually fun.

' Can somebody help us! Zayn is seriously screwing the food up! ' Harry yelled, I laughed.
' Coming ' Niall yelled and runned in to the kitchen.
A minute later Zayn and Harry yelled.
' NIALL, FUCK! ' they yelled. I literally laughed even more, these boys cant cook together.
' What now?! ' Louis yelled and walked in to the kitchen, a minute later I could hear Louis laugh.

Liam and I walked in to the kitchen to look and see what happened. 
' NIALL ATE THE FUCKING FOOD! ' Harry said and pretended to be mad. Or he was.

I gave Niall a high five, which I don't know why I did.
Harry glared at me. 
' Whaaaat? ' I said getting really close to him.
' Don't high five him, he'll do it again. ' He said all serious. He seemed a bit mad, so I just walked away. 

After making a great dinner, everyone layed down infront of the tv.
Harry, Louis and Liam at the floor, I dont know why they layed there, me, Niall and Zayn in the couch.

' Holy freaking god, I ate to much ' I said making Niall glare at me. 
' You didn't eat a lot! ' he laughed. I smacked him.
' Just because you eat like a pig doesn't mean I do, Nialler. ' I said, everyone laughed, except Harry. He's been like this since I high fived Niall, what's the problem?

After hours in front of the tv, the clock was turning 10 in the evening and Harry is still not talking to me. I decided to talk to him private. 
' Harry, I need to talk to you. ' I said getting ready to go upstairs.
' What? You can tell me infront of the lads. ' he answered with this annoyed voice. 
' Uhm, no. I can't. So common! ' I said, I was literally starting to get mad, he's being selfish.
He huffed and got up and followed me upstairs. I am literally SO mad now, oh yeah. He's going to get it now. 

' What the hell do you think you are? ' I snapped at him once he closed the door. He raised an eyebrow.
' What? ' he asked like nothing was wrong. 
' You're acting all weird since I high fived Niall, what's your problem? ' I asked
' My problem? I don't have a problem! You have! ' He answered and walked out the door and slammed it shut. I was so mad, and hurt... The last thing I wanted to do now was to go downstairs again.

I layed down on the bed and started to cry, before I even knew it. I fell asleep. 







I woke up by someone shaking me and saying my name, I opened my eyes to see Niall.
' Hey, you okay? Why are you here all by yourself? ' He asked all worried.
' Harry and I kinda had a fight. ' I said reminding myself and the tears appeared again.
Niall noticed and hugged me. 
' Well, that explains why Harry started drinking when he came down. He's drunk now. ' Niall said.
I just shaked my head. 
' You should go talk to him, he may say what's on his mind now that he's drunk. ' Niall said, and I nodded. I was going to ask him. 

I walked downstairs to find a drunk Harry sitting on the floor, when he saw me he got up and tried to walk over to me but failed, he fell. I hurried over to him.
' Are you ok Harry? ' I asked, he shaked his head and was about to start crying.
' NO! I have the sickest guilt feeling ever, I'm so so so sorry for being a complete idiot Katy, I was jealous ok?? You and Niall are acting like you like eachother. It's hard for me! ' He cried, remember.. He's drunk.

' Harry, I like you, not Niall. ' I smiled, he did too as well. 
' Im sorry. ' He said, and I nodded.

' But, Harry! Please tell me next time. ' I said, he nodded.
' I will. Can you sleep in my room tonight, please ' He asked sleepily ( if that's a word )
' Sure ' I said and helped him upstairs in the bed.

I went to brush my teeth and take off the make-up. When I entered the bedroom Harry was already snooring, it's the cutest thing ever. I smiled and layed down on the bed, I noticed Harry already had taken his clothes off, he was left in his boxers. I layed down next to him, but my back against him, he took his arm around me and kissed my back head and yawned. 

A couple of minutes went by until I heard him say something that got me wide awake and curious, was it a lie? Or did the alcohol speak the truth for him?

' I really love you more than anything, You're the only girl for me. I hope I get to grow old with you, Katy. You're my only girl. I love you baby '

I know I've heard him say that he loves me before, but this time it came as a shocker to me for some strange reason. I felt like answering him, I thought he was asleep but I answered anyway.

' I really love you too more than anything, I don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't met you. Probably the same old I did before, which is boring. It all turned out to be good again when you came in to my life. I'm just so happy again.. Because of you. ' I said, the reason I was sad before is because of my mom. But Harry made me happy again. 

Once I had said it, Harry thightened the grip around me and kissed me on the backhead again.
That's when I realised he wasn't asleep. 

You can always come to me if there's something bothering you, I will be there to support you. Always and forever. Goodnight princess. '

Wow, that he called me princess made me smile like a little girl. 

' Goodnight prince. ' After I said that, I could literally HEAR Harry's smile. It made me smile even more before both of us fell asleep completely in love.

AWWW! So I was thinking, they need ship names, dont they? So I was thinking.. Karry? Does that sound good? I was thing Haty as well, but it sound to familiar to ' hate ' which is not good for their relationship. 

Anyways! I need parts for Liam, Zayn and Louis's girlfriend. So if you're interested, please comment and fill out these:


Describe yourself: ( Haircolour, eyecolour)
Who you would like to date, and why: 

Once I've got parts for all three of them, I'll start writing about the role's. But until then, the three boys wont tell anything about their ' Mysterious girlfriend ' :-) 

ANYWAYS! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! New coming tomorrow hopefully! 
Stay tuuuuned




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