It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


13. Are you ok?

Chapter 13
Are you ok?
Katy's pov



I woke up by my alarm clock again. But this time I wasn't going to go to school. I just forgot to take it off. I shut it off and went back to sleep again.

I woke up by the sun in my eyes, shit.. I've forgot to close the curtains.. I walked to the bathroom. My eye is even worse then yesterday. No freaking way in hell I'm going out today or tomorrow. Not happening.

I cleaned myself up, and walked downstairs. I sat down on the couch and started to watch tv.
About 20 minutes later I heard a car door. But I thought it was the neighbours. Until the door cracked open. 

' Katy? We're back for a break where are you?! ' I heard an over exited voice coming from the door. I didn't dare to turn around. Why did they have to come back now! 

' Hey, Katy.. What's going on? ' I heard Harry say. He sat next to me and started to rub my back.
I held my face in my hands so that they wouldn't see how awful I look. 
Sooner or later everyone was gathered around me, all worried.

' Katy, you need to tell us sometime! ' Zayn said.
' Yeah! is it the thing with Kendall? ' Niall asked, I could feel Harry glare at him.
' No. ' I said, still not showing my face.
' Then what? ' Harry and Niall asked at the same time.
' I just... I look awful. ' I said, everyone went silence. I even heard a ' Oh my god. ' 
' Katy, let me see your face. NOW! ' Liam said being the big brother I never had. 
' No! ' I said, but before I even knew it he just wripped them away from my face. I didn't know I was crying even until I could see again. It was all blurry. The guys seemed to angry, sad and everything. 

Harry sat even closer to me, and I layed my head on his shoulder. It's good to have him back.
' Who did this to you? ' Niall asked, here it goes. I might as well tell them. 
' When I was 17, I was getting bullied a lot. I always got beaten up. and after my mom died, everything went even worse. I couldn't stand up for myself, and I couldn't focus on school. So my dad gave me a year brake from the school. And I thought by now that the bullying was going to vanish since it's a long time ago. But the same dude that bullied me back then, came over to me. Hit me and said that to escape from him is the worst thing I've ever done cus I just made it all worse. It's true.. He hit me more then he ever did before. Then I got saved by this girl. I didn't catch her name. She walked with me to the bathroom on the school to get cleaned up. That's when I overheard someone talking about Harry and Kendall. I just- '

' I'm going to kill whoever did this to you... ' Zayn said, everyone else nodded.
' Please dont do anything. I dont want it to get worse. ' I said, Niall didn't like that though.
' How can we not do anything?! Look at you, Katy! You've got a big black eye! He's going to pay! ' Niall said. I nodded.
' Katy, I need to go to the mall to get something. Do you wanna join. You can just put sunglasses on? ' Niall asked me, and I nodded. I needed to get out and I was safe with Niall. 

At the mall we spread around to find things, I promise you. It would take years if we did one by one. When I had found everything I needed I heard a voice, and my heart stopped. 
' Look, isn't it Ms. Run away. ' Jason said behind me. I knew I couldn't run. I couldn't scream. I couldn't do anything. Where are you Niall. 


I had just finished finding everything and went to look for Katy. When I found her she was talking to some dude. Or he was talking to her, it didn't look like she enjoyed it. I was about to walk over, but then something that literally gave me a heartattack. The guy kicked Katy straight in the stomach, and hit her on and on. I dropped my things and runned over there and pushed the guy.
' WHAT THE HELL! ' He yelled, I walked over to him. I was furious. 
' Don't you EVER! touch her again, you hear me?! You're a piece of shit! You don't hurt girls like this! LOOK AT HER ! You've caused this! Go to hell! ' I said to him, strangily he got away. 
I turned around to Katy, she wasn't awake. Shit... I called Louis and told them what happend and that I'm on my way to the hospital with her. What I didn't understand, why wasn't there anyone else in the mall when this happened?...

When we arrived to the hospital, Katy got taken away quickly. 
' NIALL! ' I heard 4 familiar voices say. I turned around to see my bestfriends.
' Who is he?! I'm going to fucking kill him ! ' Harry yelled, he was pissed. Scary.
' I don't know... He had sunglasses on, so I couldn't see. ' I said, Harry huffed.
' How is she? ' He asked calming down. 
' Their checking her now, but I dont think she's good. She got hit pretty hard. ' I said letting a tear escape my eye.
' Bro, you stopped him. It's nothing more you could've done about it. ' Zayn said tapping my shoulder.
' I feel so guilty. ' I said looking down. Harry came over to me and hugged me.
' It's not your foult Nialler. Don't feel guilty, you saved her. ' Harry said and let me go.
' I guess I did. ' I said smiling, then I got a hug from Liam and Zayn and Louis. 

After for like what seemed like years, the doctor came out. 
' Well, she's doing fine. But she's having problems breathing so we have to keep her here the night. ' The doctor said, we nodded.
' Can we see her? ' Harry asked. 
' Yes, but take it easy with hugs. She's in pain. ' the doctor said before following us to her room.

When we got in there, my eyes just started watering again. I felt so guilty. I could've stopped him before this happened. I just stood in the doorway not moving while everyone else hugged her carefully. She looked over at me. 
' Thank you... ' She said smiling until a tear escaped her eye.
' He feels guilty that he didn't stop him sooner. ' Harry said, she tried to stand up but everyone hurried over to get her to stay still. Even I. She took my hand.
' There's nothing you could've done about it before you did Niall. Im just glad you came when you did. ' she said smiling. I gave her a hug and it lasted for a long time. I felt Harry's eyes on us, but he understood. 

After hours in a hospital, we were ready to get home. Harry insisted staying with her. But she somehow got him to go with us cus she needs space. 
Once we left we went complete silent all of us, until Zayn spoke up. 
' I really hope she's ok, she didn't look ok. ' He said. Harry shaked his head.
' She almost looked- ' Harry started but got interupted by Liam
' Dead... ' he said, Harry looked at Liam, then at his hands. He started to cry and I went over to hug him, and he just broke down.

' I cant lose her! ' He sobbed. 
' She's fine, Hazza. She's not going to die from you. ' I said. He sniffed.
' I guess you're right. ' he said taking his tears away with his sweater.
' We should probably get to bed, we'll visit her tomorrow lads. ' Harry said, we all nodded and went to our rooms. 

I layed in bed and just stared at the ceiling. What if she wouldn't make it? she was so weak. 
She's been through a lot. I need to tell her what's on my mind. She's like my little sister. I liked her before, but not anymore. She's to important to me to let feelings ruin a friendship. 
I need to tell her that she means a lot to me and the lads. I will always be there for her whenever she needs it, I know the lads will be as well. 

I just layed there thinking about her, I felt guilty. I did... But somehow, I knew that I wasn't the one who caused her this. I've seen him but not his eyes. But I'm determined to find him.
And... I will kill him.. 









Taken line, I thought it was funny.
Well! Anyway. So the boys came back for a break.
And they find about this guy hitting her.
What do you guys think they will do? Will Niall be the
only one who's determined to find this guy? Will He kill him? 
Will he make him feel sorry for himself? 
Stay tuned to find out. :)




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