It must be love.

Katy is a normal teenager at 18. She parties, goes shopping, hangs around with her friends. But she's also different from her friends, her friends are madly in love with the hot boyband One Direction. Katy on the other hand can stand the thought of them. What will happen when Katy meets one of the band members Will she finally realise that their not so bad after all? or will she go on hating them? Find out in 'It must be love.' :)


15. A bad day, and a good day.

Chapter 15
A bad day, and a good day.
Katy's pov


Today I woke up with no Harry next to me, but I didn't think about it anymore. I just got up and got dressed then I walked downstairs to find Niall. He looked kind off mad and hurt. I was curious, he's my best friend, he's like my brother. I was worried. 

' Niall? What's up? ' I asked. He looked at me, and I could see that he had been crying. I hurried over to him and sat down beside him. He broke down and started to cry again and the first thing I did was to throw my arms around him and comfort him. I don't know what's going on, but what I know, is that my bestfriend is hurt and I hate to see him this way. 

He just cried in my arms for a long, long time. But I wonder where the other guys is. I even wonder if it has something with them to do. I have to ask.

' Niall? ' I asked really slow and worried. He pointed at his phone and let out a ' Read ', and I just didn't understand.. 

' TAKE THE DAMN PHONE AND READ! ' he shouted. Shit... I grabbed the phone quickly and unlocked it, twitter popped up and there was comments there. I read them and they were really mean to Niall. 

@Taxigurl_95: @NiallOfficial can't even sing, he doesn't deserve to be in the band.

@Caitlyn_romerez: Ew, we want british. Not Irish, go to hell @NiallOfficial

@RandomGirl92: I thought boybands were hot, @NiallOfficial ruined his boyband. 

These tweets were so rude and I now understood why Niall cried. Those people didn't know what they did to him by saying those things. Poor Nialler.

' They're right. I don't deserve all of this. ' Niall suddenly says, my eyes widen.

' Niall! You do deserve all of this, don't ever listen to them! Their jealous of your life! You have what everyone else wants! If you didn't deserve this, you wouldn't have got it! ' I said, and he turned completely silent. 

' You need to relax. Don't let them push you down Niall. ' I said. Niall looked at me, he looked mad. Did I say anything wrong now?...


' All? ' I said before he stood up and rolled his eyes. Now I was mad.

' NIALL! THEY ALL DON'T HATE YOU! IT'S LIKE 5 COMMENTS THERE THAT ARE RUDE AND A THOUSAND NICE ONCE! HOW CAN YOU EVEN BE LIKE THIS?! THEY ALL DONT HATE YOU! ' I shouted, and he stopped death in his tracks and turned around completely red in his face.

' Just... shut up. I hate my life ok?! Let it go.' he said and turned around, I hurried after him and stopped him. I was crying by now.

' Why Niall? You have everything! ' I said. He looked down at me.

' No. I don't. You don't know how it is when people shout bad things in your face.' He says and I let go of his hand, did he forget what happend to me about a week ago? that I was kicked uncouncious? that I got out of school because of bullies? Really...

I looked at him with now angry eyes.

' Wow Niall.' I said with my disgusted voice and walked outside the house.

' Katy.... '  Niall said behind me, I didn't answer.

' KATY, dont be like this! ' He said again. This time grabbing my hand.

' Be like what Niall? you want me to stop caring? stop worrying about my bestfriend? stop breathing maybe too?! ' I snapped. I don't know what went over me, but I was really hurt myself. I hated to be yelled at. 

' What! No! I just... It's hard. ' He said

' I know that. ' I said, his eyes widened.

' You know? ' 

' I do, remember last week, when I got kicked and punched? Remember I got out of school? you remember the reason? THE BULLYING! ' I said, he closed his eyes and looked down.

' Fuck, I forgot about that. I'm so sor- ' I didn't let him finish, I was done.

' Just drop it. ' I said and walked away. I heard him yell my name a couple times but I didn't turn around or answer him. I just walked and walked till my feet would hurt.









After walking around for about 2 hours, I realised that I need to go back sometime. I just want to forget all of this and go back to being bestfriends with Niall. So I decided to turn around and walk back. Once again, it took me 2 hours. So I've been gone for 4 hours. When I walked inside, I heard Liam talking, I stopped and decided to listen. I know it's wrong. But I'm curious.

' You know, it's not you're foult. You can't control your feelings. ' I heard Liam say, oh. Niall likes someone. Why didn't he tell me? 

' It's hard when she's taken. ' Niall replied. Oh.

' I know, Ni. But we can't tell Harry. ' Liam said, what? does he have someone else now?

' I know. ' Niall said. 

I don't know if I'm really emotionall today but I broke down and started to sob my eyes out before Liam and Niall came to the door. 

' Katy! You're back, why are you crying? ' Niall said sitting down infront of me and held my shoulder.

' Who is she! ' I sobbed. He looked at Liam and Liam left.

' You heard? ' Niall said. I nodded, and he smiled. 

' I guess I'm leaving. ' I said standing up. Why am I living here when Harry's got a new girlfriend? She must be better, and that way Niall will be bestfriends with her. I need to leave. 

' Katy, think for gods sake! ' Niall almost yelled after me. I walked up to him.

' What do you mean? ' I said. He looked down at me.

' She is you. Ok? I like you. You're dating Harry, that's why I couldn't tell him. ' Niall said, and I stopped crying and started to feel stupid as a bread. 

' Oh... ' I said and looked down. It's kinda weird that he likes me, he's like my brother.

' I'm sorry I was a dickhead to you earlier. ' He said.

' No, you had right to do it. I was acting like a bitch. Im sorry. ' I said and hugged him.

' But... We cant be together. You're like my big brother. It'll be weird, and by the way. I'm not dating Harry, he hasn't asked me yet about it. ' I said. Niall smiled.

' I know. I didn't tell you because I was afraid it would hurt our friendship. ' Niall said.

' It wouldn't. Nothing will ruin it. ' I said smiling hugging him. 

' Aw, bestfriends hugging eachother. that's sweet, when is my turn?! ' I heard Louis behind me. I turned around to see Louis, Zayn and of course Harry. I still don't get how it's possible to like someone this much. I need to talk to him about it. I need him back. 

Louis came over and hugged me and Niall. 

' My two besties. I love you. ' Louis said, then let us go and hurried inside followed by Niall and Zayn. Harry was doing something in the car, I walked over and when I saw it. I literally laughed my ass off. 

' Please dont laugh. ' He said and turned red. 

' Adorable... Just adorable. ' I said to Harry.

What I saw was that Harry was bending over and I could see his boxer and it was Hello Kitty. That's so cute. 

I couldn't stop laughing. and at one point Harry just grabbed me and lifted me up. I started screaming.

' HARRY! NO, LET ME GO! I-I'M SORRY! ' I shouted still laughing. He let me down on the grass outside the house then he runned away around the house. What the hell? 

I walked around the corner where he disappeared. When I came around the corner I saw Harry with a waterballon in his hands and a smirk on his face.

' NO, HARRY. DON'T THR- ' SPLASH! He throwed it at me. I looked down at my wet t shirt, while he was laughing hysterically. 

I looked beside him, and there was already like 10 waterbaloons there. I went over to him and picked one up and he didn't even notice because he was laughing to hard. 

I throwed it at him and hit him in the face. He stopped laughing immidiatly and just sighed. 

Suddenly he took another one, I just started running around in the yard screaming like an idiot when I felt a ballon on my head and my hair turned wet and it went in my face so I couldn't see anything. I tripped and fell on my back, and soon I felt something laying on top of me. 

' You're fault, you fell. ' I heard Harry say. I just started laughing with my hair still covering my eyes. Harry took the hair away and I could finally see him again. With wet dripping hair.

' It's always my fault, isn't it? ' I said smiling, he nodded. It hurts how much I want to just push him closer and kiss him. But I can't.

We both went completely silent, but he didn't get up. He just layed on top of me and looked at me and smiled. 

He just looked in my eyes, then at my lips then at my eyes again. I smiled and let out a little laugh. Which made him smile even more. 

' Well, we should get in. ' He said, no no no no. Never, we could stay here all night, just us.

' Do we.. like, have to? ' I asked, he laughed.

' No, why? Do you like me on top of you? ' He asked moving his head closer to mine. But not close enough.

' Maybe. ' I said putting my hands around his neck without thinking. But he didn't seem to mind. 

Once again, nobody talked. But this time I couldn't hold it back anymore. I pushed his head a bit to make him understand. But he didn't.

' What? ' He laughed. I rolled my eyes.

' Just kiss me already! ' I said annoyed, he smiled wide.

' I will. ' He said and moved closer to me until our lips connected. I felt the fireworks again like the first kiss. I've missed the feeling. It's just... Perfect, he's perfect for me. I just know it. 

He got up and took his hand out for me, I grabbed it and he pulled me up a bit too quick so I went straight in his chest. He put his arms around me and started to laugh. I looked up at him. Here it goes.

' Harry? ' I asked.

' Yes beautiful? ' He answered, I smiled.

' I can't take one more minute without you. ' I said looking up at him.

' Then be my girlfriend again. ' He said suprising me.

' Really? ' I asked smiling. He nodded.

' Really. Now come here. '  He said and kissed me again. I smiled against his lips and kissed him back. This was just great. I got my boy back. Could it get any better?










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