Mates (Niall Horan)

4 werewolf alphas all princes too one is my mate the three others imprinted on me.... Why me????
I'm a female alpha werewolf princess too.
And my beta imprinted on me too.


3. chapter two:lads

Hey guys this is the second chapter and thanks for everything too enjoy!! :)

My Pov:

I watched him pace back and forth on the boarder whimpering I watched the four other wolves appear they sat watching me I heard my beta howl his deep howl oh god I thought. The jet black wolf with green striking eyes appeared next to me it was two times my size.

"Hey Harry" I said nuzzling his neck I heard a growl from the white wolf it stood up." Who are they?" Harry growled through mind link." I don't now Harry" I said back Harry stood up growling at the white wolf they both showed their teeth. Harry padded up to them but the white wolf tackled him crossing my boarder. He bit Harry's shoulder making him howl out in pain.

I growled at the white wolf causing him to whimper and I tackled the male off of Harry and we rolled over into their territory I heard growls from the other three wolves causing me to lose focus. And the white wolf pinned me to the ground " you okay alpha?" I heard Harry ask."ya" I said back the white wolf nuzzled my neck with his snout.

"Hey love I'm Niall your mate" I heard a Irish accent say in my head."hey Niall I'm savannah" I said back through mind link. I felt his warm tongue graze my fur making me hum in delight. He got up off of me and shifted into the most handsome guy I've ever seen besides Harry which is close.

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