Mates (Niall Horan)

4 werewolf alphas all princes too one is my mate the three others imprinted on me.... Why me????
I'm a female alpha werewolf princess too.
And my beta imprinted on me too.


4. chapter three:shifted

Hey guys here is the new chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

"Shift" Niall said I nodded my fuzzy head and shifted the four guys jaws dropped I blushed and Harry shifted too and jogged over to me causing Niall to growl and Harry to step back."I guess he is your mate alpha" Harry said.

I nodded and the four guys looked shocked "your the female alpha princess" Niall said to me I just nodded. I was crushed in a hug I felt sparks all over my body. I looked up and it was Niall he smiled then said"these lads are Louis ,Liam,and Zayn". They all kissed my hand one at a time making me blush and Niall to let out a growl.

He nuzzled his head in my neck I felt him leave tiny soft kisses on one spot on my neck then Niall's kisses got rougher and applied more pressure I felt Niall start to suck on one place on my neck causing me to lightly moan he nibbled on the one spot then blew on it. He lifted his head and looked at the love bite he gave me and smiled.

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