Mates (Niall Horan)

4 werewolf alphas all princes too one is my mate the three others imprinted on me.... Why me????
I'm a female alpha werewolf princess too.
And my beta imprinted on me too.


7. chapter six:Exploring

Hey guys sorry for the wait here is the new chapter enjoy!!! :)

My Pov:

The five of us walked towards their huge castle. Niall kept growling at his three friends to keep a distance away from me but it did not work causing Niall's eyes to turn golden his wolf was slowly taking over." Get away from my mate" a deep Irish accent said I guess that was his wolf.

"Niall calm down we will back off" Liam said to him as all three of them backed away from me causing Niall to let out a purr of delight. And me to giggle quietly and Niall's eyes went back to blue.

We reached the front of their castle I saw a garden and pulled Niall towards it he laughed and followed me." This is amazing Niall who designed it?" I asked him." Zayn did he did it for who he ever imprinted on....which is...youu" Niall explained to me.

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