Mates (Niall Horan)

4 werewolf alphas all princes too one is my mate the three others imprinted on me.... Why me????
I'm a female alpha werewolf princess too.
And my beta imprinted on me too.


2. chapter one:forest

Hey guys this is the first chapter of this story comment,like, and fav this story it would mean a lot to me.... Enjoy!!! :)

My Pov:

I howled in delight and not even noticing I crossed territories into the four princes territory I laid down on the soft green grass and rolled in it I heard deep loud howls. Four of the howls around me I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe through my snout and out my mouth.

I slowly opened my eyes to see four wolves sitting in a circle around me all were a littler bigger than me. I let out a warning growl standing up and my fur poofed up to make me three times my normal size. They backed away only one stayed still it have white fur with dazzling blue eyes. It studied me closely my fur went back in place and I decided to wait until they left so I laid on the soft grass watching them.

The biggest wolf with brown fur and brown eyes shifted into a sexy lad with brown shaggy hair and a little bit of stubble on his face. He slowly walked towards me and reached a hand out stroking my fur making me hum he smiled like a kid at Christmas. The two others shifted and started to stroke my fur. And all I did was hum in delight the wolf with white fur was growling at them and bearing his teeth.

The three of them backed away from me and the white wolf stood up so did I he padded up to me connecting his cold nose with mine sparks flew strait through me. Mate my wolf said to me oh shit I thought I jumped over him and bolted towards my castle once I made it over he stopped and laid down on the boarder whimpering.

Sorry it was long :)

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