Mates (Niall Horan)

4 werewolf alphas all princes too one is my mate the three others imprinted on me.... Why me????
I'm a female alpha werewolf princess too.
And my beta imprinted on me too.


13. Chapter eleven:Protective

Hey guys here is the very new chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

Both of us headed back to their castle Niall was holding my hand and growling at any male who looked at me. Once we entered the three other Aphlas were in front of us causing Niall to let out a loud growl.

Liam smirked "you had sex didn't you?" Liam asked me I just nodded as he took a step closer to me Niall wrapped his arms around me bringing me to his chest." Niall will be very protective over you and if you get prego then he will get even more protective love" Liam explained to me.

As Niall left small kisses all over my neck, I nodded with a smile on my face. I let out a loud moan as Niall sucked on my weak spot behind my ear. The guys let out a jealous growl as Niall picked me up and shifted so I was on his back.

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