It was the day of Girlie's wedding when Prez's kids were kidnapped. What was supposed to be the happiest day of Girlie's life turns sour as she, Prez, Bill, and David must find them, safe and sound. {Contains characters from Gravity Falls but isn't really a fanfiction, third book of the Prez and Girlie series taking place June 2034}


6. Chapter Six

     Girlie had been numb. She had been floating feelingless in space, hearing the words echo in her head. She was oblivious to the world around her. There was just her. She was alone, drifting.

     That is, until the thud.

     The thud brought her back, free-falling to the Earth below. She knew that nothing short of Godzilla falling from the sky and laying waste to humankind could make her pay attention again once she lost feeling, so she wondered how scary this thud was.

     When Girlie came back to her senses, she shrieked as she saw Prez collapse. She crouched down, watching in horror as Prez winced and whimpered. Suddenly, she cried out in pain, and Girlie bit back tears.

     She remembered when she was seven; having the Time Council wander through her brain was torturous.

     But it was fine when they were only harming her. It had been forgiven, at least by Girlie, and she paid no mind to it. But they crossed the line. They were hurting her sister.

     No one, not even demons, messes with my sister without messing with me.

     "Prez, I don't know if you can hear me, but I can assure you. It'll be okay. I swear. I'll help you."

     Girlie stood up, and suddenly there was an extra person. Mari Anne.

     "Girlie. What happened?"

     "Mari Anne, we have an emergency. I need to see if I can fix it."

     David grabbed her. "Bill said to stay here."

     Girlie tugged her arm away. "I don't give a damn what Bill said. That's not his sister in pain. And it's not yours either." With that she ran to the woods.

     She heard David behind her, and she heard him tell Mari Anne to watch Prez. Girlie pushed the TARDIS door open and slammed it behind her. As the TARDIS groaned slightly in reply, she muttered a, "Sorry." She puffed out some air as she locked the TARDIS doors, ignoring the banging of David against the wood outside.

     "Let me in!"

     "I can't. Lock's jammed, love," she lied.

     I am a horrible wife already.

     Girlie slowly drew closer to the console. She whispered, "I'll be more careful," as she switched a flip. The first time she had driven the TARDIS, she flew right into the Titanic. She didn't want to cause another incident that would become world-renowned.

     She twisted a knob, and selected a time on the screen. She depressed a button selecting the location. She saw a red light bulb flash, so she quickly ran over to the other side of the console, grabbing a hammer on her way, and she threw it down on a panel. Then, she yanked a lever and felt the TARDIS move, accompanied by its familiar noise.


     "No!" David shouted as the TARDIS dematerialized. "No! No! No!"

     Not now. Don't leave me now. We just got together. We tied the knot. I still have to go back in time and propose! You can't leave me. Girlie!

     David began sobbing. Why does this have to happen every time I find someone I love?

     He turned from where the TARDIS was earlier. He wiped his tears and steeled himself. Take care of Prez. She'll be fine if you watch her sister. That's all she ever wants. Just keep Prez safe.

     He made his way back.


     Girlie flung herself out the door. She took in her surroundings.

     Oregon. Check.

     Gravity Falls. Check.

     Woods. Check.

     Clearing. Check.

     Log. Check.

     She lay down on the log. She shut her eyes tight. Minutes passed. Nothing.

     "Let me in, Rassilion! Let! Me! In!" Tear streamed down her face as she yelled at no one. She jumped as she heard the voice behind her.

     "He won't do that. He's a coward."

     Girlie fell off the log when she saw who it was. She looked weak, but it was definitely her. Still, Girlie had to check. She stammered the single word of a question.

     "B - Billie?"

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