It was the day of Girlie's wedding when Prez's kids were kidnapped. What was supposed to be the happiest day of Girlie's life turns sour as she, Prez, Bill, and David must find them, safe and sound. {Contains characters from Gravity Falls but isn't really a fanfiction, third book of the Prez and Girlie series taking place June 2034}


5. Chapter Five

Watching Prez was like one of those movie scenes where you can practically see the guy's heart shatter. Like when the Ponds were taken by Weeping Angels. Except Prez was not on television, and her grief was only in her eyes. Faking it for the public came naturally to her. That was how she'd managed to give a Mystery Shack tour while in early labor with Tamora.

She swallowed down a scream and turned to Bill, who appeared to be going into shock right alongside David.

I thought you were watching them. You said when Ben was born you'd never let anything happen.

The only adjective to describe the look on Bill's face when he heard her cold tone was surprised.


She was mad at him.

His wife never got mad at him, unless she was overcome by hormones or pain was blocking out her love for him.

He guessed it was the latter. Even though it was more her fault then his own, she was looking for someone to blame, and that someone just happened to be a certain all-knowing demon.

The danger of Prez overhearing any mental conversation was too great, so he turned to his friend and spoke in a low voice.

"It would look bad if you, Prez, or Girlie left the wedding. Just stick it out until eight. I'm going into the woods to see what I can find and then getting Pine Tree to give me the journal for the portal."

"Won't it also look bad if you disappear?"

"I'm the town antisocial. Tell anyone that asks I can't handle so many people."

Reluctantly, David replied, "All right."


Billie charged into Rassilon's office, having just seen everything happen from her dimension vision. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" She growled.

"Setting the timeline right." His tone was innocent, but the malicious gleam in his eyes was anything but. "Prez is supposed to die on July 4th. She will let her mental guards down, making this possible. But she's going to have horrible hallucinations until then so she and Bill suffer. Bill will attack me for the death of his wife and the disappearance of his children so he can be executed. The boys will be destroyed and Tamora will go back with the Lost Souls where she belongs."

Billie was so disgusted by this that she lunged for him. Rassilon dodged her assault, and her head slammed against the desk. As her vision fuzzed, she spotted the tall man tower over her.

"If you want to protect them so bad, then you can try to help them from Earth."

She blacked out, and there was a blinding light.


Prez had just had the plan explained to her, and she was furious. "He shouldn't be able to make this decision without me." She growled.

David said something, but she didn't catch it thanks to the new stabbing pain in the back of her head.

"Prez?" Her sister's voice sounded distant.

Her eyes glazed over and she fainted, about to have the first vision... a vision of what her life would've been like had she never met Bill Cipher.

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