It was the day of Girlie's wedding when Prez's kids were kidnapped. What was supposed to be the happiest day of Girlie's life turns sour as she, Prez, Bill, and David must find them, safe and sound. {Contains characters from Gravity Falls but isn't really a fanfiction, third book of the Prez and Girlie series taking place June 2034}


8. Chapter Eight

     Girlie realized it was getting dark. "Billie, what am I going to do? I can't get through, because Rassilion is being an ass. I can't do anything right."

     Billie sighed. "I... don't know. But you'd bet-"

     Billie stopped mid-sentence and collapsed. She was much too weak, most likely from being unable to stop the bleeding. Girlie groaned. Her wedding dress was torn, just like her heart. The best day of her life was destroyed by some dude on a man-period who couldn't leave her and her family alone when they clearly won.

     Girlie grabbed Billie and dragged her into the TARDIS. She knew she couldn't leave her, and only Bill could help. She turned a dial on the console, changed gear, typed in a short code, and felt the TARDIS move.


     At the sound of the Sexy, David jerked up. He skidded out the door, sending a chair clattering to the ground. The materializing TARDIS sent wind blowing, flying stray leaves everywhere. He flung open the door, and Girlie was trying to yank a yellow-haired girl out.

     "What did you do? Try to kill a girl?"

     "This is a friend. Bill's sister."

     "What happened to her?"

     "She can't heal herself. The damn head of the Time Council kicked her out, and he is hurting Prez, and he's screwing everything up. And hurting Prezzie. And he took the kids. And did I mention he's hurting my sister? I swear, I'll kill him."

     David lifted Billie up and sat her on the seat near the console. He flipped a switch and said, "Nanogenes. They'll help her."

     Trillions of tiny golden flecks fluttered around, patching up her still bleeding wound.

     "Is Prez okay?"

     "She's had two... visions, I guess. She won't tell anyone what they're about though."

     Girlie was about to say she knew when Bill rushed in. "I heard the TARDIS, and I knew you were back. Prez has been- Billie!" He caught sight of his twin, who still had silver blood stains covering her head. She was just beginning to wake up.

     "David, I have to check on Prez."


     She ran out the TARDIS, into the Shack, and up the stairs to the attic. She found her sister, laying on a bed. "Prez!"

     "Girlie! You're okay."

     "Of course, I am," Girlie said as she hugged her sister's neck. "Why wouldn't I be?"

     "You took off in the TARDIS. You left."

     "And if I hadn't Billie would probably be dead."

     Prez hitched herself up on her shoulder like she was trying to get up. "Billie? Is she okay?"

     Girlie lightly pushed Prez back on the bed. "You stay down. She is fine. Bill is with her. Besides, there are more important things."


     "Don't play dumb, Prez. The hallucinations with Theo."

     "How did you-" Suddenly Prez shut her eyes tight, throwing her hands to the sides of her head.

     "Prez. Prez! Answer me if you can hear."

     Prez began to mutter things, which only added to the horror, hearing half the conversation. "It was an accident. He didn't mean to hit me... No, Girlie, I am fine... Theo only hit me once, but it was an accident, honest... No! You can't talk to him about it! He'll... No! Please, Girlie, you can't... I am begging you..."

     The pauses got longer, like more people were getting in the conversation. "She found out herself! I didn't tell her... I'm sorry... NO! Don't push her! Don't push my sister again! Or I swear to God, I will... Don't lock her out! She is my sister! You can't keep me from her! Theo, please... Don't do this..."

     Girlie couldn't stand it anymore. She placed a hand on Prez's shoulder, which caused Prez to wince. "Prezzie. It'll be fine. I'm here. Right here.

     Prez still seemed to be stuck in her nightmare, but she was obviously in control enough to grab Girlie's hand. She squeezed it tight every time she whimpered or cried out. Torturous minutes passed by, but for Girlie, it felt like hours. She couldn't even imagine what Prez was going through. The pressure she put on Girlie's hand - the bone-crushing pressure - revealed just how agonizing it was for her.


     Girlie lay her head down on the bed mattress after thirty minutes of torment. She felt horrid.  She had been crying for a while, and her head felt like it was full of stuffing.

     "Girlie?" a weak voice asked quietly.

     Her head shot up. "Prez? Are you okay?"

     Prez shook her head and began sobbing. She had been cried out for a while, but she somehow found more tears somewhere in her body.

     "What happened?" Girlie asked.

     Prez explained what happened, as she cried. "You - You were at my house. We were talking. And you noticed some bruises on my arms. You figured out it was Turbo. You freaked."

     Girlie pulled a strand of Prez's curly hair out her face. "Of course I did. He hurt you."

     "You confronted him about it, and he pushed you. He threw you out and locked the door. He said he would change the locks. He wouldn't listen to me."

     "It's okay. Shh. Shh. Shh. It's not real."

     "It felt real."

     "I know. I know."

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