So This Is Love


2. Your new here

   This morning I tried to get up super early, because if I dont i 1.) wont be able to eat breakfast, and 2.) i wont be able to talk to the girls! Honestly the girls are the only ones that keep me from running away. They are constently telling me " everything will be ok soon, and when this is all over, and Harry finds someone to spend the rest of his life with, he will let you go. And even if he doesn't you still have us!". 

   So here's the thing, I have Harry, Maddie, Mia, and Gloria. Gloria is a "prisoner" like me, only she hasn't been here half as long as i have. She got here 2 years ago while, as you know I got here 4 years ago. Maddie is Niall's girlfriend. Mia is Zayn's. and Gloria and I are everyones. they literally all own Gloria and I. Even the visitors get to pleasure them selves with us.

   So Harry just happened to be in the kitchen this morning making baken, and said something that caught my attention. 

    "Hay babe, I just wanted to let you know that we are having guests over tonight and they will be spending the week with us so I need you on that birth control again." He said.

   "What? Who's the guest. And why do I need to be on the birth control?"

   " Well, they are a famous band and you will be making there stay extraordinary! Aren't you exited!?" He answered.

   " No. Why cant Gloria do it or something? I mean I have been working my ass off this passed week with you and you "needs"! So why cant Gloria do it?" I asked.

   "Because you are simply more experienced and you know all the little tricks to make a guy come running back for more! Duh!" 

   Just then 5 gorgeous boys walked into the house. 

   then i saw him. he had bleach blond hair, blue eyes and he was wearing eyeliner. he was beautiful! 

   Then i slipt out of me mouth. " Your new here!" I told the boy with bleach blond hair.

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