So This Is Love


1. I'm never going to get home

   Its strange when you meet someone who changes your life completely.

   When i met him he was jut simply one of though's sweet boys that would never in a million years hurt a girl. or anyone for that matter.

  He saved my life but he wanted something in return, he wanted pleasure. He wanted me. So he took me to his farm. I was 13 when he took me to this terrible place. I'm now 17, I've been here for 4 years. I cant really cant say farm though. I'm not sure what to call it. 

  His barn has several rooms in it. the stables look like a giant shed, but on the inside it has matrices on everything. you cant see the regular walls, ceiling, or ground. its all matrices. And lastly the garden. Its not real, all of the plants are fake. If you disobey, he takes you to the garden, pulls up a plant and the garden opens up.

   Down there you get tortured and then put into a little room with no food, just water. You literally sit in the little room naked for three whole days in the cold. I haven't been there for awhile because i have "good".

  Plus... we don't live alone. 4 other boy that come over a lot, and sometimes even come over with there girlfriends. And ever once and a while the 4 other boys bring there friends and there girlfriends, and "try" to pleasure them. But there girlfriends actually enjoy it, or at lease I think they do. 

 I'm never getting out of here.



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