One day You'll Miss Me

Gina Lester, daughter of the richest man in South Carolina. Her parents, butlers, and maids always make her wear fancy dress, high heals, and have the best manners. Everyone at home and at school thinks shes Perfect, but Gina is starting to feel less and less perfect everyday. She doesn't feel very needed anymore, as her friends start to fade away.,.... she tells herself "there going to miss me whether they like it or not"

When gina finds herself lost in the middle of the night surrounded by unfamiliar places, when she is forced to live life in a disturbing manner shes not used to. Will she survive? Will she be found. Does she want to be found? Does she want to survive?


1. And so it begins

Ginas pov.
I look around the dark alley, to see nothing but abandoned warehouse and shabby old buildings.

I fell tears threaten to leave my eyes as i push them back forcefully.

I hear foot steps behind me and turn around to find a mans figure not much taller them me, maybe 5,10 5,11, he was built up and walked slowly toward me.

"who are you" i yell sensing something bad was going to happened. my senses were on full guard, my heart was pounding like fireworks, and i felt terrified as a little girl when a thief is in the home.

"They don't care about you. They never did!" I Here him way with pure sincerity and concern in his voice. i back up in fear a feel a man body behind me, and large hands cup over my mouth as i try to scream.

I feel as if a bulldozer just ran over my face and my world is soon consumed into darkness.

Alices Pov

"what do you mean you can't find her!!!" my voice rages, everyone around me give me a shocked looked, I am not angry, but the fear is taking control of me, i am not capable of speaking i am just watching the fear do what it wants and says what it wants, no point in fighting with it, it will destroy me like C4 in a deadly battle.

"Alice calm down! She is my daughter, and i know you and your mother are scared but the police are doing all they can" I Let the icy words of my father sink into my veins as the thought of what could be happening to her is all i see.

"You listen here dad, I will find my little sister if it is the last thing i do " I reassure him that if he isn't going to do anything about it, I will! i turn around to walk out and feel a firm grip on my arm spin me around.

"If you don't listen and pay attention and wait it will be the last thing you do!"

Ginas Pov

I wake with my dark brown hair gently laid over my face, i feel hard wood under my back, my skinny jeans and Nirvana t-shirt comfort my skin.

I look straight up to a roof that looks like it will fall off at any moment, what the heck??!?!?!?! i sit up straight and look around to find to guys on a rusty old couch one of them sleeping the other looks right at me.

As fear and Questions murder my mind i scream uncontrollably i scramble to my feet and walk back into a man. Holy crap! Ughhhhh.

I turn to face him and notice he is the same as the man i saw earlier. I try to run but a firm grip lands back on my arm, i looked right into his eyes, he couldn't be but a year older then me maybe 17 or 18, beautiful pokey blond hair, and the most amazing eyes....

I yank out of his grip " Dont.touch. me." i emphasized each word, he chuckles as i see a girl appear from behind, beautiful long blond hair eyes of love and destruction.

" Your one of us now" i jump as i forgot there were too guys behind me both awake now and both with brown hair the taller one looked about 20 or 21 and the shorter one 19 or 20, but what the hell did he mean one of them.

The building we were in only 40 by 40 feet at most.

"Wha-what do you mean one you?" i trembled as i tried to cover the fear in my voice.

" Im Emma, We are all runaways Jacob has been in this place for 3 years, i got here about 2 months ago, we just take care of each other" she boldly spoke and then sat back down on the one of the 3 twin mattresses.

Fear still shaking throughout my body "but you punched me and i fainted!!!" i defended in shock.

"No you passed out and smacked you head on a dumpster" surprisingly i felt comfort, this small cabin was filled with security.

"my parents will worry" i said, forgetting all about them. As soon as the words left my mouth they all seemed to have been hit with lightning

" Im Gina" I said breaking the silence

" And we dont care!" Jacob shouted and left the cabin



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