Stuck between worlds

My name is Isabella Jackson. Everyone just calls me Bella though. I live at the beach an love to surf. I'm 14 years old and I've been thrown into a crazy world of the unknown. It's not heaven, it's not hell, but it's not the earth. It looks like the earth but everything I knew is gone. It's like another dimension. I'm scared. What do I do?


5. visiting

He handed me a bright blue crystal. It's was large. Almost the size of my palm. It had a rough, brown hemp cord rope tied to it.

"And what might this be?" I asked as I turned the crystal over and examined it.

"It lets you go back to earth to visit your brother" he replied, "you can only visit for up to an hour a day."

"Why can't I just go back to earth and live there??!?!" I demanded.

"Because your dead" he reminded me.

"O right that..." I mumbled.

"Well try it out!" Se queeled.

"I don't know how genius. In case you haven't noticed it's my first day being dead." I retorted.

He rolled his eyes and showed me how.

"Ok so hold the crystal in both hands" he explained.

"Like this?" I asked, putting the crystal between my hands.

"Yes" he replyed, "then" he continued, "raise the crystal above your head"

I raised the crystal above my head.

"Ok now stare into it."

I stared into it and I saw my brother. He was in an open field. He was writing somthing. I looked more carefully. I saw it was a suiside note. I gasped. I had to stop him.

I started to panic.

"I have to stop him! Tell me what so I do! How do I go?" I screeched

"Just calm down" he soothed, "close your eyes, and concentrate. Think about your brother....."

I heard whooshing noises and the boys voice was getting faint.

"Remember.... Only he will be able to see you!" I heard him yell before all of the whooshing stopped. I slowly opened my eyes. It was bright out and I was in the same field that I saw my brother in. I looked down at my wrist. I saw a pretty hemp bracelet with a small blue charm hanging from it. I guess when i come to earth that's the form the crystal takes. O ya! My brother! O my gosh where is he....

I heard a sniffle and turned around. He was folding up the letter and shoving it deep into his pocket. He pulled a knife out and aimed it at his heart.

"Will no!" I screamed. He dropped the knife in shock. He stared at me.

"Bella.... Ur... A-alive?" He ran towards me and hugged me.

"Not quite..." I whispered.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing" I responded nonchalantly.

"I'm going to tell everyone!" He exclaimed as he ran off.

"No wait!!!! will no!" I shouted after him but he was already gone.

Great.... Just great. They won't be able to see me. They will just thing Will is crazy! I dear this won't end well....

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