Stuck between worlds

My name is Isabella Jackson. Everyone just calls me Bella though. I live at the beach an love to surf. I'm 14 years old and I've been thrown into a crazy world of the unknown. It's not heaven, it's not hell, but it's not the earth. It looks like the earth but everything I knew is gone. It's like another dimension. I'm scared. What do I do?


4. the new world

When I woke up everything was blurry. I tried to move and talk but everything was spinning and I couldn't move. What was happening? Was I dead? When I fully regained conciseness, I realized I was in what seemed to be my room at my house. I tried to remember what happend. The memories flooded back into my head. The crash. No seatbelt. Laying in the road. My screaming brother..... Where is he now? Is he ok? I sat up slowly because my head was pounding and felt like it was gonna elplode. I examined myself and checked for injuries. There where none other than my pounding head. I got up slowly and looked in my mirror. I screamed the the image I saw. I was pale as a ghost. My beautiful tan skin was white as a sheet of paper. My beautiful blue eyes where a dim grey.

"WILL!!" I screamed and ran into my brothers room. He was nowhere to be found. Everything looked like my house except it was really gloomy and dark. Am I dead? I checked for a pulse. I gasped when I realized there was none. How did this happen? Well I know how I died. It's all vividly burned into my memory. But why am I here? I'm dead right? How am I thinking? Or moving? I collapsed onto my brothers bed. I wish he was here. I'm all alone in a world unknown and there is no one to comfort me. I mean I don't mean to sound selfish, but I hate this. I just want to see my brother again. I walked out of his room and downstairs. Everything looked normal, but at the same time so different. It was my house but not my home. I could tell I did not belong there. I whirled around when I heard a voice.

"Isabella Jackson?" I saw an angelic boy standing in front of me.

"Wadda you want?" I asked sassily as I grabbed a knife from the drawer ad held it to his throat.

"Hey!" He exclaimed holding his hands up in surrender, "do you wanna go back to earth or not?"

"Of course I do dumb dumb" I answered rolling my eyes.

I grabbed my hand holding the knife and gently lowered it away from his neck.

"That's better" he smiled.

"Ok just tell me how to get out of here" I groaned

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