Stuck between worlds

My name is Isabella Jackson. Everyone just calls me Bella though. I live at the beach an love to surf. I'm 14 years old and I've been thrown into a crazy world of the unknown. It's not heaven, it's not hell, but it's not the earth. It looks like the earth but everything I knew is gone. It's like another dimension. I'm scared. What do I do?


2. my story

Let me tell you my story.......

I woke up and looked at the ceiling. When I rolled over and looked at the clock it read 7:00. I cursed under my breath and got up. But then I remembered, it's Saturday! I let a smile creep onto my face as I snuggled back into bed. Just then my twin brother, Will, barged through my door.

"Get up Bella!" He yelled obnoxiously. I covered my head with my pillow.

"Go away will!" I mumbled through my pillow.

"Wanna go surfing?" He asked.

I giggled and sat up.

"Of course!"

I got up and went into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at my light- brownish golden hair and my crystal blue eyes. We lived at the beach so my skin Had a nice tan. I brushed my teeth and hair. Then I changed into my favorite light blue bikini.

My parents where still asleep because they had stayed up late last night so I tried to be quiet so the would not wake up. We went surfing in the morning all the time. It wouldn't bother them that we left.

I walked down the stairs and saw my brother holding his boards. He looked intently at them.

"Which one should I use?" He asked.

I pointed to his blue longboard, "that one"

I went to the back of the house where we stored all of our surfboards. I found my light purple longboard leaning against the wall. Before I left, I looked at my dads workbench. He had been working on a bright green short board. Was it for me? My birthday was in two weeks. It was so beautiful. I ran my fingertips along the deck of the board.

I blinked myself back into reality and waited for my brother. Our house was right on the beach so we could just walk from the house. He came down the side of the house with his blue board.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Set?" I replyed

"Go!" We both said in unison as we charged down to the beach. I know it seems childish but it's something we've done ever since we where kids and we always do it.

We got into the water and paddled out. I almost caught a good wave but Will stole it.

"You suck" I called to him.

"I know!!!" He called back as if it had been a compliment. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. When saw I good wave coming, I paddled ahead of the wave and let it push my board. As my board glided over the water, I stood up. I flashed Will a peace sigh before I hopped off my board. We caught a few more waves and then we paddled back In and sat on the beach. Will's phone buzzed. He looked down at it and smiled.

"I'm going to hang out with my friends today" he told me as he stood up.

He walked beck up to the house but I stayed a few more minutes to watch the calm waves and, feel the cool breeze pull at my hair.

When I finally decided to go back to the house, I carried my board with me and leaned it against the wall. I went into the house. I was welcomed my the beautiful fragrance of French toast and eggs. My family was already eating so I got a plate and sat down with them. I got a golden brown piece of French toast and drizzled some sticky brown syrup on it. It was so good.

After breakfast, My friend Maddie texted me.

Hey girl wanna hang out? -Maddie boo

Sure -me

I texted back. Within 30 seconds I heard the doorbell ring. Someone let Maddie in and she came up to my room.

"Hey Bella!" He exclaimed while jumping onto my bed.

"Hey" I replyed.

"I was thinking, we should go shopping today!" She said I a girly voice. I giggled and stood up.

"Sounds good!" I answered as I dig through my drawer. I pulled out two $20 bills. I stuff then in my wallet and slip a pair of denim shorts over my baiting suit bottoms.

Maddie is 16 and she has her own car. It's a little red punch bug. We hopped into Maddie's shiny red car. She blasted the radio. We got to the nearest beach store in 5 min. I walked in and said hi to Dave. He's the cashier there. He's the owners son. And I may just have a little crush on him..... Mabye.....

I walked around the store with Maddie. I heard her phone buzz. She took it from her back pocket and looked at it.

"What to hang out with Jeremy, Brian, and Anjolee?" She asked.

They where nice, they where your friends, they where just older Than us. Jeremy was 22, Anjolee was 24 and Brian was 25.

I said yes to Maddie and she texted them back. We went out of the store and beck into Maddie's car. She drove to a restaurant for lunch. When we walked inside Jeremy, Brian, and Anjolee where already there. When we sat down I realized they had beers in their hands..... Great... "Want one?" Anjolee asked gesturing to her beer.

"I'm 14" I responded glaring at her.

"Oh...... Right" came her response..... Great what where we going to do? I guess we where just going to have to drive them home or somthing. After we finished eating, we paid and walked out.

"Maddie" I whispered into Maddie's ear, "we can't let the drive like this."

Her eyes got wide. It was true we couldn't let our friends drive like this. Her car count only fit 4 people but there was 5 of us. I guess I could jut sit in the middle without a buckle, I mean I was the smallest. We piled into Maddie's car and got on the way to Jeremy, Brian's, and anjollees house. We where driving along the road and Maddie turned the music up. The 3 started singing loudly..... I sighed This would me the longest 15 min of my life.......

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