30 reasons to stay afloat

Crystal is a normal girl, she works she study's she falls in love. The only thing is she's broke, she works 2-3 jobs just to pay rent. One day when she lifeguards for a charity event she meets a hot blonde, will he love her for her or will he just love her for saving his life. Find out when he struggles to afloat!

Sorry that it's a crappy blurb but the story is one of my best! I swear you will love it!


2. uninvited guests

Crystals POV:

I woke up from that nightmare with a pounding in my head. I sat up and realized I was in my bed. I got ready to get up, I rolled over and stretched but while stretching I hit something hard. "Oww" someone said. I quickly panicked and fell off of my bed onto the floor. With all the noise someone ran into my room to check on us. It was Rita. Oh if I hadn't mentioned it to you before Rita is not only my boss but she's my best friend!!!!!!!! Her Marco and I are best friends. MARCO!!!!!! That's who I I accidentally slapped. Oops. Well it was his fault for scaring the shit out of me! I sat up and greeted the two of them, "hey guys what's up?" I asked. "Not much really" Rita replied. Marco just moaned. I looked over at him with a questioning look until I laid eyes on him. He looked terrible!!!!!"HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU, YOU LOOK LIKE YOU WERE HIT BY A BUS!!!!!!!!!" I screamed my hands flying everywhere while trying to find a way to soothe him without causing him pain. "WHO THE HELL DID THIS TO YOU?!?!?!? IM GOING TO GO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!! I yelled extremely angered that someone would do this to a sweet guy like Marco. "Try looking in a mirror" he chuckled. I was confused until I realized that he had been the 'intruder' last night and Rita had been asleep not dead. "Oh fuck I'm sorry Marco!!!!!!" I exclaimed. "I kind of sort of thought you were a serial killer or something" I said while blushing madly at my stupidness. "It's ok were cool" he replied while chuckling at my embarrassment, "good". "Well as touching of a moment as that was, we kind of came here for a reason before we were brutally attacked by a savage beast."Rita said dramatically. I laughed my head off. "Alright whats on your mind guys?" I asked after I finally caught my breath. "Well we came to celebrate the charity event. Duh." She said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Sure-cool! How do you guys want to celebrate?" I asked getting an idea almost immediately. They both shrugged their shoulders. "How about we go play at the arcade then get lunch and finally go to the beach and watch the sunset, just like old times?" I asked. We all decided we liked my idea so we all went to our houses to change and then meet up at 'our tree'. Our tree was a tree that we found in the park. We are the only ones who carve in it and we have a special branch we all sit on together. I remember last year some guy was going to cut it down and we protested there for like 3 weeks. I looked into my closet and pulled out some purple skinnies and a long black tank top. I put some bangles to cover my wrists and placed my green beanie on my head. Finally once I was sure I looked ok I walked over to the park.

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