30 reasons to stay afloat

Crystal is a normal girl, she works she study's she falls in love. The only thing is she's broke, she works 2-3 jobs just to pay rent. One day when she lifeguards for a charity event she meets a hot blonde, will he love her for her or will he just love her for saving his life. Find out when he struggles to afloat!

Sorry that it's a crappy blurb but the story is one of my best! I swear you will love it!


1. the big job

Crystals POV:

Hi I'm Crystal. I'm 21 years old and I am ... No! Sorry, I was a competitive swimmer. Unfortunately after a while I couldn't afford the price to swim. Now I work as a waitress at a family restaurant and a lifeguard at any offering pools. I'm a very hard worker and I work so many jobs trying to pay my rent. It sucks! I guess I got to suck it up though, it is the only way!




*ring ring*


That was my phone going off. Ugggggh who the hell calls a person at four in the morning.


"Hello Crystal it's Rita"

I perk up at the name. Why is my boss calling? Am I fired? But I need the money sooooo badly.

"Hey Rita what's up?"

"Nothing same old same old I was just wondering if you were willing to accept a job offer, it pays $20 an hour"

Wow $20 an hour that's a lot! I could really use the extra money.

"Sure of course, so what do I have to do?"

"Well you are an excellent swimmer and you are very professional so we were wondering of you could life guard a charity party for celebrity's. All you have to do is lifeguard. You know the usual just with unusual people."

"OMFG YES!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* I mean I would love to."

"Ok well it starts at 7:00 this Saturday and it's at Campbell pool."

"OMG the Campbell pool. The one in the rich wood estate?"

"The one and only"

"Thank you thank you thank you"

"Your welcome, see you there. Byeeeeeee"


With that I hit the end button. "Eeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!" I screamed into my pillow, I may as well fangirl now and get it over with right? I grabbed my iPod put it on shuffle and started dancing and jumping on my bed. The first song that came on was little mix's DNA. I screamed out the lyrics while dancing like a fool all around my room. Little mix was my favourite band so I went extra crazy for them if that was even possible!!!!! After DNA wings came on then move. I was in the middle of listening to salute when I heard muffled screams in the background. It sounded like it was coming from the living room. I took a shortcut through my kitchen where I grabbed a frying pan for self defence. It may not be the best weapon but it's something. Once I opened the kitchen door I saw a male figure standing at my door holding a limp female body in his hands. OMFG HE HAD KILLED HER, THERE WAS A MURDERER IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!The lights were turned off and he wasn't facing my direction but he kind of looked familiar. I just shrugged it off. Once I mustered up enough courage I sneakily ran up from behind him and hit him in the head with the frying pan! Then I punched him in the jaw and kicked him where the sun don't shine! He doubled over in pain and I took the advantage by sitting on his chest pinning his wrists down with my legs, I then threw blind punches at his face! He screamed out in pain when the dead lady started screaming!!!!! I freaked out and started hyperventilating then it started seeing spots. I started getting really dizzy so I knew I was going to pass out. Finally the spits took over and everything went black.



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