How can I love you if I hate you

Kady only used to have one friend all through High School and that was Patrick thanks to Harry no one ever liked Kady and they used to bully her. She's finally out of there and so is Patrick they both decide to go to the same college to study. But Kady needs to find a job to pay for her expenses. What happens when the only job that can give her a lot of money and not work for many hours and travel the world is to Dress and style the guy that made High School a living hell. Yup Kady will be the assistant dresser and hair stylist for One Direction and will have to put up with them. But she will also experience a true love with Patrick that will change Kady's life and Harry's attitude towards her. Want to know what it is well read to find out.............................................................


2. These days

February 2014...........................
(Alarm clock going off, 9:00 a.m...............)

Kady's POV

"Someone turn that shit off!!!!" I yelled. (Snoozing alarm)
I slowly managed to grab the alarm and pound it without looking. I barley noticed that I live alone and no one will turn it off.
"Fuck 2nd semester starts today and my first class starts in almost 30 MINUTES!" I tell myself as I jump out of my bed running to the bathroom. I quickly started brushing my teeth and washed my face. Then I ran out of there and started to put on random clothes I found. .Fuck I put these the wrong way. I hate it when you have to hurry and you forget something or you have to find something. "My plugs where are they" I said throwing the sheets of my bed, looking in all the drawers making a mess that later on I have to clean which is too much. "Finally found you too." I said as I found them in the drawer with my makeup. "Now I have to put makeup on. I hate this." I told myself and I grabbed my eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and lipstick. By the time I was done it was 9:17. I have thirteen minutes to get to the school. I said as I ran outside my apartment trying to find the key to lock the door. I went walking quickly downstairs I couldn't wait for the elevator to open its time to go. I almost tripped on one of the stairs because of my bag and my sweater that I forgot to put on. By the time I was outside I grabbed my fixie and started to ride it to the school. .I didn't live that far from the university only like about 10 minutes away which is like 3 blocks or 4. I couldn't live inside a dorm because it would cost more and I wouldn't have enough money well I don't even have enough money its almost all gone. From what my parents left me I will pay my college fund so I can't touch that money. And what the school gave me only is enough to pay my apartment which is quite expensive. Well my aunt Emma didn't want me to live in a really bad place because they can rob you and this and that so she told me to look for a nice luxurious place which was a bad idea since I have no money. I also need to pay my phone,gas,light,water and no more but I will probably scare you and that will take all the time. I don't even know how I survived my first semester of College. Even though all the paying I have to do College isn't that bad its actually pretty nice you get to meet people all over the world and well the parties and the classes aren't that bad for being almost 5 hours.
"Hey slow down miss." Patrick said as he stopped me which almost made me crash, he broke in my thinking.
"Ugh you almost made me crash." I told him hitting his arm which made him laugh.
"Damn what happened to you." He told me pointing at my hair.
"Shut up I woke up late and I had to hurry my ass over here that I didn't have time for anything." I told him and he laughed.
"I can see well maybe you should go to sleep earlier."
"I wished so many things going around my head I have to find a job." I told him put my fingers to my chin as we walked inside the Entrance.
"Well that Starbucks needs hiring." He said pointing to a sign that said "Hiring Now".
"Patrick I'm serious I need a job that can at least pay for my kind of life." I told him as he started to think.
"Well there can be an extra spot as a model for the agency?" He said as I looked at him like if he was crazy.
"You know good and well I wasn't born for that." I told him as he started to think again.
"well anything you have your gonna have to tell me after class." I told him as I headed to my first class Art great.
"Alright see you later Kady." He said as he gave me a quick hug. Patrick has been my friend ever since 9th grade we both stick together since we passed through the same things we were bullied by a bunch of assholes but that doesn't matter anymore we don't have to see them ever again.
Harry's POV

"Lou what your saying is that the assistant quit last week?" I asked her as all the boys were going nuts everywhere.
"Well yes Harry she did thanks to you and the rest of the boys you guys made her quit she said she just couldn't with you guys." She said trying to get all the boys attention but Louis was in the corner walking back and fourth saying something but I didn't understand anything. Niall was putting his hands in his hair it looked like he was trying to pull it out. Zayn kept hitting the table wear all the hair products and makeup were. And Liam just looked like he was going to cry sitting on the couch.
"Guys its time to come out and do the interview." Paul said as he opened the door and closed it.
"I'm sorry but we need to reschedule this interview I can't go out like this." Louis said as Zayn nodded.
"Guys calm down just go do the interview while I try to find a replacement or a substitute right now." Lou said as she got in the middle of Louis and Zayn. How are we going to keep going on like this we need an assistant for Lou she just can't with doing everything we need like doing our hair,buying our hair products, and also picking our outfits and trust me some of us can't choose our clothes by ourselves.
"Just go out , leave while I make some calls." She said as she took out her phone while Liam and Niall started to get up.
*3 hour later*
"Have you found anyone" Liam said as he opened the door to the dressing room. We all had high hopes that this problem was solved.
"I'm sorry but no guys their are no people available and other people don't want to work with you guys." Lou said as she started scratching her hair which made our smiles go into frowns.
"This is all your fault Zayn if you didn't always have an attitude with her then she wouldn't have left." I told him as he started to get mad.
"Me your the one who would always play too much where it got very annoying." He said pointing at me.
"Me Playing much? That's not me! That's Louis and Niall." I said pointing to them.
"Don't put me into this brother."
"I never did anything for her to quit if anything this is all your fault."
Screams and yelling were getting louder and louder until Liam and Lou started to yell.
"Shut up man if anything this is all our fault so stop fighting." Liam said as he sat in the crouch with his arms crossed he looked kind of angry.
"I'm Sorry Harry." Zayn said as Louis then Niall continues we all apologized to each other and continued to think what we will do about this.
"I will keep making calls and get back with you guys later but please guys calm down." Lou told all of us.
(Phone ringing *beeze*)
I looked at my phone which started to ring. Fuck not now Kendall as I turned my phone off.
Kady's POV
"Okay, oh yeah, okay thank you Auntie love you." I said as I clicked the end button.
"What she say?" Patrick said as we sat in Starbucks drinking Lattes.
"Well that her friend Lou who is also a stylist and works for some famous people whoever they are needs an assistant because the other one was fired or something like that she didn't give me details." I told him as he looked amazed.
"So what are in for it."
"Well yeah"
"But you don't even know who to dress someone or even style them?"
"Yes I do my Aunt used to take me with her to help her sometimes and all home when I was bored she used to teach me." I told him as he didn't believe me.
"Look I may not be a professional like the ones you work with but I know how to make a person look very nice just look at me." I said as he started to laugh.
"Yeah super nice especially that uncombed hair." He said as he teased me.
"Shut up okay I told you already I woke up late. I've seen you in worse cases and your a 'model' " I said as I made the quote signs.
"Don't make fun of my job they pay really well." He said as I started to laugh. I pulled out my phone and started to dial my aunt gave me she told me her name was Lou and she was go give me an interview.

"Oh Hello is this Lou Teasdale my name is Kadyn Ponce niece of Emma Portville I heard you were hiring an assistant stylist.".....................................

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