How can I love you if I hate you

Kady only used to have one friend all through High School and that was Patrick thanks to Harry no one ever liked Kady and they used to bully her. She's finally out of there and so is Patrick they both decide to go to the same college to study. But Kady needs to find a job to pay for her expenses. What happens when the only job that can give her a lot of money and not work for many hours and travel the world is to Dress and style the guy that made High School a living hell. Yup Kady will be the assistant dresser and hair stylist for One Direction and will have to put up with them. But she will also experience a true love with Patrick that will change Kady's life and Harry's attitude towards her. Want to know what it is well read to find out.............................................................


1. The Past

"Kady sweety you need to take this calmly" my grandmother said as I saw them bury my parents. It was a dark day the sun didn't come out. I wore a black dress with sleeves of course.
I left to the car because I couldn't keep seeing my both parents being buried. I still can't believe 2 days ago we were still a family. My parents died in a car accident going to the airport. They were both detectives and a new investigation came up but they didn't have a chance to do there job.
My aunt Emma got in the car and drove me to my house.
After they died of course I have cried haven't been out until today which was the funeral.
I came to get the rest of my stuff my grandma said it was better for me to go and live with my aunt Emma in England. Since she didn't have children and also a man. She was very young like 26 she was the youngest of my mother side. She had light brown hair with brown eyes not that tall like about 5'5 , she was about skinny. She wasn't ugly but she wore to much blush her cheeks were always pink.
I went to my room and just looked at all my stuff I all my clothes was packed but my aunt said that I can take a bag with my most special belongings. I looked at everything and didn't know what to pack.
I packed my stuffed bear which my mom gave me for my 8th birthday. And all my pictures with my parents. I also took a picture of Miami I'm really going to miss this place. I loved it here the people were so nice and I had some friends at school. I really didn't have a lot of friends but that didn't matter because everyone was nice to me they never said something rude to me. I barley graduated from middle school and I was looking forward to go to high school.
"Hey pumpkin you almost done." aunt Emma said as she broke from my thinking.
"um yeah I was just finishing." I said closing the bag.
"Hey kiddo I know its very hard to see your mother and father leave like these but you will recover from this and I know you will love England. Its going to get hard getting used to those British people since you have grown up here but it will become easy." she said as she came and hugged me, nothing of what she said made since to me. I didn't want to leave my house and Miami I love it here when ever I was feeling bad or I just didn't have a good day I would walk it to the beach which is 5 minutes from here walking. Its always sunny here and when it rains its get very humid. sometimes the ducks walk around the streets. Nothing of this will be in England where my aunt lives the beach isn't even close, it always rains over there and its super cold.
When we got into the airplane I started crying again I cried from the ride from the house to here then I stopped. Just thinking that my house were I have lived for 14 years won't be mine no more. Living my parents here and my friends was another reason I.just have a reason it won't be good over there. The plane started and it was starting to go up and leaving.
My last words in here were "goodbye Miami."
*3 months later*
"Aunt I really don't sure about today." I told her as I put a khaki skirt on and a black sweater on with my black vans.
"oh come on I know that its a different country and that everyone you will see are new people to you but you will make many friends." she said
we were in the car heading to the school.
When I got out of the car I went inside the entrance the school was so big I was scared I might get lost.
There were so many people standing by the hallway. There was this dude directing the freshmen the the principles office to get there schedules. When I got there, there was a huge line that looked like it was going to take forever. When it was finally my turn they greeted and give me my schedule I looked at it and walked out. I headed to my first period English great I told myself. When I went inside the class there were so many people looking at me which made me more nervous. I went to go and sit way at the back (bad idea) there was a dude with curly hair sitting next to me who just looked at me and turned to some other dude and talked. On my other side there was a girl who looked at me with a bitchy look. After the bell ring the teacher introduced herself and told us the rules of the class which is very boring and I won't explain then she made us present ourselves which is also very boring and I wont talk about because it will take the whole chapter and that's not my point.
After we introduced ourselves I finally know the curly dudes name it was Harold but everyone called him Harry he was a very slow British accent which was weird for me. The girl next to me who was giving me the bitchy look was Kayla ans she was also British. Everyone was British except for me and a boy named Patrick who had.blonde almost light brown hair with blue eyes he was Los Angeles and he kept staring back at me.
"okay kids now your partner for the rest of the year will be the person next to you." she said pointing who was with who. I was with Harry. (bad idea)
"hi I'm Kady" I said (those words would mark me forever through high school)
"whata hell is a American doing in Holmes Chapels?" He said in a bitchy tone.
"I'm here to live with my aunt." I said looking down.
"Bitch go back to where ever you are we don't want you here!" He said as the rest of the other kids laughed with him.
(And that's my hell began in high school with that asshole until he left. But there was only a great part and that was meeting and becoming friends with my only friend Patrick.)
*5 month later*
"hey stupid bitch" I hear that horrible voice say as I feel him slamming all my books.
"Start picking them up and you have done the English essay great or else I will tell Kayla to take care of you.
I got on my knees to pick up everything and my notebooks were all over the place and my papers. I felt like a total loser I had no friends and no one seemed to say shit about what I passed through. I kept picking my papers and the stupid people would still step on them.
"Here let me help you." I heard an American voice say. When I looked up I saw that boy named Patrick helping me pick up my papers.
"its fine" I say as I get up getting all the papers and putting them in locker.
"no you need help here let me help you organize this since its lunch." He said smiling. He had a very cute smile he barley smiled since Harry also made fun of him too.
"so him and his crew beats you up?" I said as Patrick said that he always had bruises from Harry.
"yeah he says I'm his pet and when his angry he takes his anger on me." He said as he organized my papers.
"what a fucking bitch I hate him so much but I cant do shit or else." I said as Patrick stopped stacking them and said "he beats you up to?".
"no of course not but he sends Kayla to do it and that bitch hates me and she hits me very hard and bruises that I have to hide but wearing scarfs and big sweaters." I said.
"That asshole fuck I hate him." Patrick said with anger in his eyes. "Kady you don't have friends." He said.
"Neither do you." I told him.
"Well do you want to be my friend." I.heard him ask me which made me stop stacking my papers. "You want to be friends with me?" I said pointing at myself.
"yeah you need a friend and I also need one too." He said smiling and I gave him a hug. Finally a friend.
*during 11th grade*
"look bitch you think just because I'm leaving this school your loser life is over then your wrong you and Patrick will always be the losers of this school forever and it will always be like that even if I leave." Harry yelled at me since this was his last day of school since that stupid ass was lucky enough to be 3rd in x factor with some other dudes there called One direction and they are becoming well known all around the fucking country.
"I'm so fucking happy that you will leave you have made my life a fucking piece of shit and seeing you live to fucking London makes me feel so much better that you will be hours away." I said yelling back at him I.could see him getting more angry.
"Bitch don't fucking yell at me and you know what at least I'm somebody who will be super famous all around the world unlike you who will keep being a loser forever you and Patrick should get together and then marry so then you guys can disappear out of our lives." He said as he laughed at his last sentence which made me more angry I tried to walk away but he tripped me and everyone was there they all laughed at me like always he has made my fucking life a hell. Every time me and Patrick tried to make a friend he took them from us and they never talked to us again. He fucking beat up Patrick when I didn't want to do any of his fucking work,homework,projects,essays. At least Patrick will be happy that he won't be getting any beatings from that piece of shit. Seeing him here for the last time gave me a little more hope that school would be a little better. I got myself up still seeing people laugh like always.
*Graduation day*
"Finally now this hell will be over in like an hour." Patrick said as he helped me put my cap on.
"I know we resisted 4 years of pour bullshit." I said as he laughed.
"Well now we can say bye to Kayla and all those other bitches we won't see them anymore because were moving the London." He said as he gave me a high five. We were almost done with this stupid miserable life here and were moving to London the dream city I always wanted to live in. We both got admitted for the University of London which is a dream to go into so many famous and notable people have gone there. But the cost was a lot and I have to find a good job to pay half of my expenses.
"Oh god look who's sitting on the bleachers Kady." Patrick said as he tried to put on his cap but there was so much wind. As I turned around to see who it was I saw that evil face that made half of high school my living hell. He was looking at me and just grinning like he always would he kept making the L sign with his fingers which always meant Loser.
"Wata hell is he doing here his not graduating he left and school became worse for us." I said to Patrick. Harry was in this band called One Direction and they were becoming more famous everyday in other countries. People here have gone crazy for them especially for Harry. As I told Patrick to come with me to take a picture I heard almost every girl screaming and coming up to where he was. Oh my gosh don't they not remember him, his that stupid asshole who treated everyone with disrespect and now everyone is going crazy for him just great.
"I thought for once in my life today was actually going to be a good day." Patrick said as we both sat on two chairs.
"I've been dreaming the past years how my graduation would be the greatest day and its all ruined by that bitch. Ugh why did he come?" I told Patrick as he just looked straight to the stage.
"Duh his dating Kayla oh that's what I heard last time I past by her locker and she was saying it."
"I don't care if his dating her I just don't want them to ruin this day for me." I said as I looked down I felt Patrick's arm around my back he was trying to give me a hug.
Moments later the Principle said to get in order that the ceremony would start we all got in order and just great I was sitting next to two of Kayla's crew they hated me and I knew they would do something. Kayla was sitting in back of me just great. Ceremony went on and it was kinda boring the 4.0 kids were giving speeches which felt like hours because they were so long. Kayla kept hitting me with her heel in my back which hurt like a bitch. I didn't want to say anything because they were so many people and I didn't want to do an embarrassment. After those kids were down it was time to give the honor roll. I was so scared I didn't want any of this stupid bitches to trip me. When they said my name they didn't do anything but clapped and cheered for me. Probably since its graduation they won't do anything. I was relieved so a moment. After that, it was time to give the certificates to everyone, it felt like forever since there were so many peoples name with the A. Finally they came to my row where I was sitting and told us to get up and make line by were the stage was they gave each of us a flower that we would give to the Principle since this was her last year as principle.
"Kadyn Ponce" they said as they called my name to get my certificate when I was by the the third stair I felt a push and that when I fell down and my flower went somewhere. I got up to here people laughing I looked at Patrick who put his hand on his mouth. I quickly walked to the Principle to shake her hand she gave me a dirty look. I shaked the people who were next to her and they looked at me like if I actually wanted to do a scene like that. I got my certificate and almost ran to my seat everyone was pointing at me and just laughing. I sat down I really wanted to cry but I hold the tears back. I wasn't going to cry in front of all these people. I can't believe I actually thought they wouldn't do anything.
Finally it was time to move the cap tassel from right to left and at the count of three we would throw them. Then we all through them and they were wishing the 2013 graduates the best luck and some other bullshit. Kayla got her's and made it look like an accident when she through it to me. That stupid bitch, at least I will never see her again she made me do an embarrassment.
I went to walk were Patrick was he gave me a hug and said " Finally Kady its all over now." as I smiled and nodded.
"Yes in 3 months we will be going to one of the best University's in London and we will be living there. Then no one will ever make us feel like shit." I said throwing my cap up in the air.
"Sorry for what that stupid bitch made you pass when you got your certificate." He said.
"Doesn't matter its over" I said as we walked away from there. Finally its over now no more waking up to hear them say the worst thing that you are to them. In a couple of days we would live forever Holmes Chapels yes I will miss my Aunt but finally a new start in London can't wait!.................................................................................................................

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