How can I love you if I hate you

Kady only used to have one friend all through High School and that was Patrick thanks to Harry no one ever liked Kady and they used to bully her. She's finally out of there and so is Patrick they both decide to go to the same college to study. But Kady needs to find a job to pay for her expenses. What happens when the only job that can give her a lot of money and not work for many hours and travel the world is to Dress and style the guy that made High School a living hell. Yup Kady will be the assistant dresser and hair stylist for One Direction and will have to put up with them. But she will also experience a true love with Patrick that will change Kady's life and Harry's attitude towards her. Want to know what it is well read to find out.............................................................


5. Months Later

Kady's POV
​Months have past since I first started working here and yes its hell all over again. You can't imagine how much hate I have towards that stupid Bitch of Harry fucking pushes me around trips me, fucken always throwing me to the couch which he thinks is funny and it really isn't. But no Niall,Louis,Zayn, and Liam go along with it. Last time Niall throw cereal to my face he thought it was hilarious and of course the rest did too. Liam after he finished laughing and all the guys left he helped me clean my face. I really don't get that boy I mean he goes along with everything the guys do to me but when we are alone he tells me how sorry he feels and that he doesn't like seeing how Harry treats me but still goes along with it. I don't know his really confusing like last time he told me if I wanted to be his friend but the guys can't know. I mean his just plain confusing but I like his girlfriend Sofia she's really nice and stands up for me whens shes here. I guess that's why the guys don't like her. When she's here we talk a lot about what goes with our lives she tells me how its hard for her for the fans of One Direction to like her. I mean if you were to see here she would look like a coincided bitch who never smiles but when you meet her shes a totally different person. Eleanor is Louis girlfriend and when she's around here the guys don't mess around with me there mostly joking around with here. I really haven't really talked to her but she seems like a very nice person. Perrie is the blonde chick who is in a band called Little Mix she's engaged to Zayn and I don't know why she would want to marry that asshole. He really doesn't like me and I don't know why I never did shit to him. And I mean it he literally hates me and I'm not talking about how Harry hates me no like worse. I mean last time he was gonna punch me in the face but Liam stepped in and told him that to never hit a a girl. I swear ever since that incident happened I told Lou to be his stylist I'm scared of him. I still remember when that happened I was very scared because Liam pushed him in a room and Lou and Paul went into that room and there was yelling. I was super nervous,my hands were sweating I was throwing everything. And I wasn't looking in back of me and that's when Harry came in and made Zayn's accent and said "I am going to kill you for this one." I swear I felt like I was gonna die at that instant moment, I completely froze until I heard Harry's stupid laugh. "You fucking bitch I almost died." I said socking him but he kept laughing and trying to get hold of my hand. "Oh my god you should have seen you face it was price lace I should have recorded this and posted it all over the internet." ​​
​"Ugh I hate you" I said frustrated and leaving the room and Harry looked like a fucking tomato laughing his ass off in that room.
​"I hate you too, love".
​So yeah that's how that stupid day went anyways Perrie is how do I say it a stupid girl who is in love with a jerk. I mean she deserves better she's not ugly. When we were in Germany for some shit Zayn was flirting with some chicks trying get there number's and telling them to go to the hotel room the guys were staying in. ​​​​​​He doesn't give a shit about her but she's to stupid to notice that she doesn't believe anything a person says about her beloved Zayn. And lastly Harry's girlfriend who I just hate with all my heart if her man is bad enough for me she's worse. She treats me like if its all my fault everything doesn't come out good for here. Last time she fucking started to pull my hair and threw me. She thinks I like Harry like whata hell would I like him for. Oh and just like her boyfriend she fucking pushes me around. I swear I wish I could beat her up but she's like "If you ever touch me I will put a suit against you and trust me you will loose everything even your last penny." I swear I just wish they break up so I wont have to deal with her. 
​Anyways even though all of this hell I'm going through I have something that at least makes me happy and that has a name Patrick! He asked me out not that long ago and well its been the best times with him. I don't know if what I feel for him is love yet but I have the best feeling when I'm with him. Butterflies in my stomach, my legs feel like spaghetti and my hands too. My heart feels like its gonna explode because of how it beats so fast.  Yeah there the best feelings and I can't wait for this contract to end and college can finish so me and Patrick can live in America again together. 

​"Yo Kady I'm fucking talking to you." I heard a voice coming from somewhere but I didn't listen to it. I was still in my little world thinking abou-
​I felt something cold and wet in my face I was closing my eyes trying to wipe it off.
​"This is your fault I'm over here talking to you that Harry is calling you and your like in LaLa land." a blonde said as I wiped the orange juice from my face I noticed it was Niall.​​​​​​​​​​ I swear Niall how can I explain him his not as bad as the other guys but he is but what he does to me isn't as bad as what for example Zayn does to me  or Harry. He only likes throwing stuff and at me and just likes to curse at everyone he only does it because he thinks its funny but he really isn't its just annoying.
​"I'll go now I just will clean my face." I told him in a harsh tone which made him go look for napkins.
​"Here clean your face and go." He said giving me some napkins thank god I wear waterproof makeup because else my face would look like a coloring page.
​I walked by the hallway when I heard disturbing noises. 
​"Yeah baby Harder" ​​I heard coming from one of the rooms. *Moaning noises* Whata fuck who the hell is having sex in this place are people that thirsty. I told my self walking to Harry's dressing room where the noises where louder. I should not open the door but my stupid self fucking opened it. I saw Kendall on top of Harry only wearing her bra and no panties and I just turned around before I saw Harry's Dick. 
​"You stupid Bitch can't you fucking knock?" I heard Kendall yelling as I closed the door behind me.
​"Well they said Harry wanted to see me an-" She cut me off by saying "You should have knocked bitch we were in the middle of a session here." She said as she opened the door and stared at me like she wanted to kill me.
​"Next time you interrupt us I will leave you without teeth you heard me." She said as I quickly nodded she walked away with her jacket in here hand. 
​"Come in bitch." Harry said as I walked in, he was putting his belt on as I went inside deciding whether I wanted to sit or just stand.
​"Bitch just sit your getting on my nerves especially since you just pulled that right now." 
​"its not my fault you bring her here and do whatever you do with her here why can't you do it at your house."
​"Why the fuck do you care where I do it? Oh don't answer that I know why its because you want to fuck me too right your jealous you can't have this." I immediately started to laugh my ass out I can't believe Harry would say such a thing.
​"Oh my in your dreams Harry you think I would want you." I said getting up and leaving but he grabbed me arm and pulled me close to him.

"don't walk away I know you want me the way you look at me." He said in a kind of seductive way which to tell you the truth freaked me out he never talked to me like that.

"Oh please Harry I have a boyfriend I don't want you." I said trying to leave but he still had my arm in hold and he started to laugh.

"Oh yeah you have a boyfriend who is it Casper did you really just made that up since you know you can't get one." He said as I just stared as him his suck a bitch I may not be a model but I'm not that ugly either like he has always made me think. "Oh okay lets suppose this is real who is you boyfriend." He said as he quoted the word boyfriend with his fingers.

"I'm not making this shit up and since you really want to know fine I'll tell you who I'm dating.

"K honey who."


He stopped making that smiley face were it looked like he wanted to laugh. His face went goofy to serious.

Harry's POV


"Patrick" she said as I got mad. I swear I felt something in my heart that hurt me. I have been feeling very weird towards Kady like trying to make her jealous and fucking around with her. I can't fucken believe that at a moment I actually thought she was jealous about Kendall. I fucking don't like thinking about this stupid feeling for her but its always there and my heart pounds faster when she's close to me all this weird shit. I haven't told none of the guys plus its not there business. I only made her come inside the room to see if she would get jealous but I instead found out she had a boyfriend and it was that motherfucker that I hated. 

"Can you fucking let go of me" She said trying to free herself from me. 


"And is that all you wanted to her because I'm trying to finish my work here fast so I can go on a date with my boyfriend later on." She said leaving the room. What the fuck I feel so mad right now I feel like punching that stupid Patrick again. Kady deserves better someone like me. Oh whata fuck am I saying. Kady isn't bad looking or ugly she's actually hot and she's really pretty. I love the way how she makes her hair look all nice and her plugs there really cool. Oh this stupid feeling again in my stomach and my heart is beating again. No I don't fucking like her, I love Kendall or that's what I think. 

I can't let Kady go on that date with Patrick Ima have to do something to stop that and I will need some help. I ran to the kitchen to find Niall eating food like usually.

"Niall help me in something." 


"Help me do something so Kady won't go on her date with her boyfriend."

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