How can I love you if I hate you

Kady only used to have one friend all through High School and that was Patrick thanks to Harry no one ever liked Kady and they used to bully her. She's finally out of there and so is Patrick they both decide to go to the same college to study. But Kady needs to find a job to pay for her expenses. What happens when the only job that can give her a lot of money and not work for many hours and travel the world is to Dress and style the guy that made High School a living hell. Yup Kady will be the assistant dresser and hair stylist for One Direction and will have to put up with them. But she will also experience a true love with Patrick that will change Kady's life and Harry's attitude towards her. Want to know what it is well read to find out.............................................................


3. I can't work for Him

Kady's POV
"Okay so this is wear we style the boys and over here is the dressing room." Lou said as she showed me.
She gave me an interview the next day after I called her probably they really needed an assistant as she said. As I looked around I saw this place was a mess hair products were all over the floor and clothes was all over the place. I mean this place looked worse than my room and that my friends is very bad. I'm so happy that at least they gave me the job because this people pay very good and the good thing is that I don't have to work all day unless its like an important thing. Right now she is showing me around and later I will sign a contract. I still don't even know who I am working with but that doesn't matter I need the job.
"You look so young how old are you?" She asked me as she took me to a room where I would sign the contract.
"I'm 19 I'm almost 20." I said smiling because I was so nervous.
"Your very very young....." She paused as I was getting nervous, she continued "But that doesn't matter the job is yours." She said as she opened the door to see a group of boys all looking at something but when she came in they all moved away and just stared at me. Wait! ISN'T THAT CURLY HAIR BOY, HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt my jaw dropping as his eyes widened and his jaw also dropped .I heard Lou saying something but I couldn't hear her. I can't what no, I will not work with him ever. I was about to say something when he opened his mouth.
"Whata hell is she doing here Lou!" Harry said almost yelling at her.
"Well I just hired her as the assistant because the other one left." She said angry.
"Make that I just quit." I said trying to leave as Harry just smirked.
"What no you can't I'm sorry if Harry was rude right now but-" I cut her off and said "It's not about what he did right now its what he did to me almost my whole High School. I'm sorry but I will not work with him." I said as he started to get very angry his face was what was scaring me. All the others boys were getting mad that I was quitting and were all by the door. I saw Harry coming up to me as I pushed them and was walking outside of there. "Wait Kadyn" Lou said as I just kept walking not turning back and I wouldn't take that job to be styling Harry hell no. I swear I rather work at McDonald's sweeping or delivering pizza's but never with him, he made my High School a hell even when he left my graduation day was the worst day ever he made a girl trip me when I was going to get my certificate. I hate him so much I can't believe almost the whole world dies for him his such an asshole. "What about 100,000 a year." Lou said as she broke my thinking and made me stop is she serious. I turned around to see her facing me.
"100,000 euros a year is a lot in dollars." She said as I started to think I need the money and that is way more than what she said before which was 50,000 euros a year. But then working with Harry I can't I went through so much.
"I'm sorry I can't not if Harry will have to-" She broke in and said what changed my mind "1 million euros and I will make Harry say sorry to you and to not to bother you." That changed everything I mean they disconnected my electricity and probably phone too. But I know Harry will not stop bothering me.
"I have to think about it." I told her as I started to push the elevator button.
"Okay I give you a week I know you will not let this pass its too much money." She said as I got in the elevator and those words went through my mind.
*That evening*
"What are you serious?!?!" Patrick almost yelled that I thought the neighbors would come knocking to see who was screaming.
"Yes I can't believe I was this close to work with him." I told him as I drank my coffee.
"Well its good that you won't be working for them." I stood there thinking I really needed that job I'm in Patrick's house because they disconnected the lights.
"Because you won't be right Kady?" Patrick said as he broke my thinking.
"Of course not..... even if......... its a million euros." I said as I put my cup down disappointed.
"Kady it doesn't matter if they are going to give you a million to be with that son of a bitch who fucked our lives. I swear that this time I won't stand seeing you be hurt by that fucker. Kady I L-care about you a lot." He said as he got up he was coming my way but he then stopped and turned to the porch.I know he cares about me a lot and I will always care about him since thanks to him I had the strength to keep going with my life when everyone would just put me down. But all of that is over and I think I'm more older to take care of my own situation. I got up to go get him I hate it when we get into fights it gives me a pain in my heart, I need him in my life.
"Patrick." I said very soft that I thought he didn't here. He just stood not facing me for seconds then he took a deep breath and turned around.
"I'm sorry Kady." He said as he grabbed from my waist and hugged me.
"No don't be maybe your right I should not take that ride again." I said as I didn't want to let go of him.
We let go just to face each other, I kept looking at his beautiful blue eyes that are jus- wait! We were like so close to kiss, I quickly put my hands on his chest and pushed him and I laughed as he was took that by surprise.
"I forgot I have to finish some homework for my English class, but I will see you tomorrow." I told him as he headed me to the door.
"Alright Kady have a goodnight." He said as he opened the door and stood by the door.
"Kady" he paused as I turned around he looked like he was thinking what to say.
"No nothing just take care."
I waved at him and took the elevator to the floor where my apartment was or how they say "flat".
As I opened the door to my flat I got my phone out to put on the flashlight I went to quickly grab some candles and put them in the living room. When there was enough light to see I turned my flashlight off and sat on the couch taking out my homework from my bag. When a paper caught my attention. It was by the door. I got up to go grab it. And to my surprise it was an eviction notice great I have 30 days to get my ass out of here. Fuck there's no way I can leave this place and look for another place I don't have money to rent another place if only I had money. I sat on the floor wanting to cry but I kept it in. Finally I saw a small card sticking out of my bag I got up to get it and it was Lou phone number and I remembered what she told me. I hated the fact that she was right I was going to say yes. As much as I hate the fact of working for my worst enemy I had no choice. I hate him so much he fucking won again like he always did. I started dialing her number.
"Hello who is this?" Lou said as she answered.
"Lou its me Kadyn and yes I accept your deal to work with O-one Direction."

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