Don't Know Yet

I don't even know... Just some random idea that came up. AND I'M BACK FOOLS


2. LOL No Idea

And here I am today. Where am I? I don't know either. All I've known is that I have to continue running. I've forgotten how old I am, and I barely hold on to my own name. From my estimation, I've been running for about seven years. Every day throughout those seven years, I've wo ndered what exactly about me set me apart from everyone. What was it that made my parents abandon me? Made me the constant victim of teasing? Made that couple run away? The best answer I've gotten for the past seven year was that there was something on my face or something about my personality that set me apart. But thinking wasn't the only thing I did. I've been observing and checking. I've checked my face more than I can count, and I've encountered people who have similar personalities with what I have who seem to be surrounded with friends. So even though I've been to everywhere from Washington D.C. to Seattle, Washington, with the sun beating down on me the whole way, I've been living in darkness. And I'm telling myself, one day. One day I will find out what is different about me. One day I will figure out, and when that day comes, I will finally be able to pierce the darkness that has been all I've known for my whole life.

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