Don't Know Yet

I don't even know... Just some random idea that came up. AND I'M BACK FOOLS


1. I Don't Even Know

I was always thought of as weird. How do I know this? My own parents thought of me as weird when I was born, what else would lead them to put me into an orphanage? I don't have any bitter feelings towards them, and even when I try, it's like having bitter feelings towards a complete stranger. I can't even remember them. It didn't stop there. Once I grew up in the orphanage, I was constantly teased by the kids around me. I looked at myself, then looked at them, and I could find no difference between us in looks. All the kids, including myself, were all raised together, we all wore similar clothes, and were all the same age. The only thing that differentiated us were gender and race. It wasn't even a "pick on the only person of a certain race." It was just "pick on someone that we feel like, because we have nothing better to do with our lives." Okay I guess that counts as hateful  feelings towards those kids, but in a sense, this is my revenge on them. I could never tease all of them at once by myself, so I took to my imagination to get back at them. This all went without notice by the orphanage staff, because no one dared to tease or get out of line under the watchful eyes of the staff. Eventually, most of the kids were adopted by other loving families. Me? I wasn't so lucky. I ended up by myself, the oldest of all the kids at the orphanage, because no one wanted to adopt me. I remember once, I saw a family looking to adopt some kids, and I thought to myself, "This is it. Today is the day." As you can probably tell, that didn't happen. Sure it wasn't the first time I was let down , but something about that day stuck out to me. As the hopeful couple were looking out at us, I looked up and waved at the couple. They saw me, and instead of waving back, they backed up, and walked away. A minute later, I heard a car start. The orphanage never heard back from that family again. That was the final straw. That was the day I decided to run.

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