Forever and Always

Mia and Niall never used to be so close. But then one day, Niall builds up the courage to ask her out. Will Mia say yes or will she turn Niall down?



Niall's pov

I ran and ran till I arrived at my house and at that point I couldn't take this no more so I went to grab my car keys and attempted to get to the drivers seat but Liam stopped me "let me go Liam" "no what happens when she fucking wakes up and remembers that your her your her true love huh didn't think of that did ya"my heart broke just at those words and well i don't know what I was felling my heart broke even more if that's possible but I don't know "can u drive us back To the hospital please" I said with pleading eyes "of course" he said but you could tell that he was hurt by Mia being in the hospital but he hid it well but not well enough for me...

Harry's pov

After Niall ran from the park I just didn't care anymore only thoughts about Mia passed through my Mind like what happens if she never remembers and she won't know I'm her brother all well I need to get back to the hospital to see her maybe I can help her remember "hey guys ca- can we g-g-go back to the hos-hos-hospital please " I pleaded through the silent tears running through my mind but I tried to hide them but it didn't work very well cause Zayn came up and put a arm around me and said" dude it's all right she'll remember" and with that we made are way back to the hospital...

Mia's pov

Who are these people was the only thought running through my mind *knock *knock some one was knocking on my door should I say come in or say no go away shit what am I suppose to say then my thoughts were interrupted by 3 boys walking in all with tears in there eyes no one said nothing just stood there starring "uhmm who are yo guys" I asked but not in a rude tone just a tone saying who are you and what do you want with me I don't know who answered but all well " it's us u don't remember " he was Probally the only one tryin to hold back the tears but not doing a good job" I'm your brother" he said breaking into more tears "I'm Harry " "well nice to meet you Harry I'm" I paused u didn't know who I was "your names Mia, Mia Styles and I'm Zayn " "hi I'm Louis "" well hi I guess well can u guys get the nurse I'm sorta hungry and would like to know when I get to g-" I didn't get to finish before the door swung open reviling that same kid that cam in earlier I reache my hand out at him and answered "hi I'm Lia what your nam"I didn't get to finish Harry I think interrupted me and said "Mia your name is Mia " ok then I thought what's twisting his knickers I thought then I looked back at the blond boy and put my hand back out but he didn't take instead he walked towards me and started hugging me I was scared "pl please get him off me " I said in a scarred tone "Niall get off her she doesn't remember you" the one that walked in with him said "hi I'm Liam " Liam I guess said "well hi " I said then I felt like some one was looking at me it was Niall then he opened his mouth "do you remember anything" he asked I was opening my mouth to answer when he crashed his lips into mine I was scared yet surprised at first then I realized ...

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