Forever and Always

Mia and Niall never used to be so close. But then one day, Niall builds up the courage to ask her out. Will Mia say yes or will she turn Niall down?


9. ....

Liam's pov

Once we all calmed down a bit we headed in but nail wanted some alone time which we could understand then we heard Niall screaming "quik come in quick"

Niall's pov

I quickly asked for some alone time with Mia then walked into her room the i saw her eyes flutter open and she spotted me and smiled she asked " wait who are u again" I made my way out of the room then ran down the hall ignoring what the boys were saying I made my way to the gas station when I grabbed 4 pacs of beer then the guy didn't even ask me for my I.d he just said "don't tell anyone " so I nodded in agreement then went to the nearest park and screamed as loud as possible "aaaaahhhhhhhhh" then I cracked the beers open and started chugging

Zayns pov

I was walking around looking for Niall when I heard a scream at first I didn't know who it was until I walked towards the scream and found out it was Niall he already had 3 beer bottles around him and he's only been gone for ten minutes I ran over to him and asked "what is wrong with u you have had enough to drink ok" " no Zayn no she doesn't remember me at all " I stayed silent not knowing what to say so I said nothing then he took another sip of beer and u told him "stop" "no mommy" he said sarcastically then I left to get the others to help stop Niall cause when he gets mad he will do anything not able to stop

Louis pov

Zayn left awhile ago and we all are starting to get scared for many reasons especially Niall when he's mad he does stupid things so ya then we saw Zayn running threw the door at that point we all knew something was up "Niall Niall" he said out of breath" Niall what " Harry burst out " Niall has been drinking and I told him to stop and he did not so please what if he does something he'll regret so quick" we all ran out following him to find Niall

Harry's pov

We all rushed to find Niall we finally stopped to find a blond haired boy drinking "Niall" Liam screamed be the daddy of are friend ship he didn't even budge he had plenty of bottles laying around I would joined him but hey I know it's not the way to handle feelings

Liam's pov

I screamed to Niall but he didn't budge so all of us started walking over to him I went and grabbed the bottle out of his hand he tired around and asked " what the guck Liam give it back" "no Niall stop this isn't how u deal with your feelings "" yes Liam yes it is " then he ran away I was really worried that he would do something stupid so I followed him till his house then left.., but then

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