Forever and Always

Mia and Niall never used to be so close. But then one day, Niall builds up the courage to ask her out. Will Mia say yes or will she turn Niall down?


6. the hospital

Authors note :I know I didn't have 2 comments yet but hey I need to keep Writting Lols

Nialls pov

" I can't believe they wouldn't let me come, I mean I love her so much" I said to Zayn , Liam and Louis then I starts crying letting all tears out as we drove to the hospital " Niall calm down she's gonna be fine" Liam said " I know but what if something happened when.." " no Niall stop thinking like that " Zayn shot at me

Finally we got there and I quickly raced to the hospital doors and rushed in only to see Harry, his parents , and his 7 ur old sister all crying oh no what If something happened and I wasn't here for her crap oh no god please help " Niall over here" Harry and Mia's mom said and I froze but yet slowly walked to her and she quickly pulled me into a hug

Harry's pov

When we arrived at the hospital they quickly yet swiftly pulled her away ten minutes later my parents arrived then the doctor came out and pulled me to the side and said " your the brother of Mia right " I nodded " well her brain got damaged with that fall I mean nothing deadly but we did figure out she.has amnesia and we don't know how long it will last I'm so sorry" " well do you have a idea o how long it will last ""it can be between 1-6 days or 1-6 years I'm so sorry again" i said a simple "thank you" and walked to my seat and told my parents and sister then we all started crying then Niall walked in

Niall's pov

"Wait what happend" I asked then they explained and I felt the tears over come me " when can we see her" and right when I said that the boys walked in then Harry's mom said " now if u want just remember she can't remember nothing " and with that I ran to the room when i saw her I wanted to run and hug her but Harry walked in and seen what I wanted to do then said " remember she doesn't remember nothing" and pulled me back so I slowly walked over to her then "get away doctor stranger danger " she yelled it over and over then the doctor rushed in and said " no this is Harry your brother and Niall your boyfriend" she then said a firm" no idk them" I looked at her like my heart was broken then ...

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